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The American Revolution

This is a timeline activity to help students remember the events of the American Revolution in South Carolina.

Ginger Watkins

on 3 August 2010

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Transcript of The American Revolution

The American
Revolution 1765
The Stamp Act is passed on paper goods such as newspapers, playing cards, stamps, and legal documents. 1767 The Townsed acts were passed putting a tax on goods like tea and paint. The Quartering Act was passed and required colinists to house British troops. 1773 The Boston Tea Party happened in Massachussetts. Colonists dressed up as Native Americans and dumped tea in the harbor to boycott the taxes. 1775 The British declare war on America. The "shot heard around the world" is fired. 1776 The colonies adopt and sign the Declaration of Independence. 1780 The Patriots, consisting of mountain men and back country farmers defeat the British at the Battle of Kings Mountain. 1781 Andrew Pickens, the "Wizard Owl" leads the Patriots to a victory at the Battle of Cowpens. 1783 The Treaty of Paris was signed and officially ended the Revolutionary War on September 3. Charles Town is renamed Charleston. 1787 The U.S. Constitution is ratified and creates the three branches of government. The Stamp Act is passed placing taxes on newspapers, stamps, and playing cards. The U.S. Constitution is signed forming a new government.
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