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Text stop

Presentation of comprehensive intervention-TextStop App

Katie Keane

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of Text stop

App automatically installed on all smartphones
Aim to install on all phones
Unable to disable
Permanently on
Ability to inhibit text sending and receiving while in motion
Traffic Information
App will connect to a website where parents can control settings for all phones on their phone plan
This will enable parents to control phone use directly
Parents can sign up to get daily reports via the app
App sends information to phone companies, to allow them to gather statistics on texting and driving amongst teens
Information will include number of texts received while driving, number of calls sent/ received, etc
App also generates an annual report for drivers to review
Text Stop
Effective January 2016
Real-time traffic information
Status of texting ability
Details on app functions
To set specifics
While in motion, the app automatically disables function to send or receive text messages
-The app will provide current car statistics as well as outside traffic information.
-Ex. Information on traffic accidents
-In order to reduce physical phone use, the app will dictate information to the driver.
-This function can be disabled under settings
-Emergency calls
- Emergency calls can be made by pressing the red star button
Contains information on how to use the application:
- How to change the settings
-Enable/ disable ability to make phone calls
- Enable/ disable traffic information
-Enable/ disable all phone functions
- How to receive reports about phone activity while driving
- How to make app universal
- Start by implementing the app
on all smart phones in LA
- Produce a study on efficacy of the app with the goal to support legislation mandating presence of app on all phones manufactured after 2016
Emergency calls:
-By pressing the star an
emergency call can be placed while the car is in motion even if "Call Status"
and "Phone Use" have been disabled
- Prevents teenagers from texting
- Prevents parents from texting
- Has the ability to reduce phone use while driving all together
- Takes away driver's decision of whether or not to text
-Reduces the pressure of a teenager to respond to a text
- Removes teenager's perception that his or her parents/ friends text and drive
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