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Copy of George F. Baker STEM Academy

No description

Art Schouten

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of George F. Baker STEM Academy

George F. Baker

Please visit the George F. Baker website at


An approach to teaching and learning that integrates content and skills of:

Better understanding the application and the process.

Tuxedo Union Free School District’s vision is to be a leader in STEM education, preparing and inspiring generations of learners to meet the challenges of the global society through innovation, collaboration, and creative problem solving.

Designing a Vision
A Methodology
A Systems Approach
Critical Thinking

STEM is...
Promotes innovative and logical thinking

Meets the challenges of a global society

Teaches and applies digital, technological, scientific and mathematical literacy

answer complex questions,
investigate global issues,
develop solutions for challenges and real-world problems
apply the rigor of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics content.
Promotes a foundation in STEM skills

Employs all areas of technology while integrating the arts and humanities

Focuses on interrelationships between the disciplines
What is STEM?
What is STEM?
Project-based Learning
Aligned with Common Core
Rigorous Standards of Practice
Engineering design
STEM proficient students are able to:
Standards of Practice
1. Identify Technologies and Resources

2. Interpret and Communicate Information and Ideas

3. Investigate Problems and Engage in Research

4. Strategic Planning, Problem Solving, and Systematic Approaches

5. Collaborate as a Team

6. Apply Technologies Appropriately
For more information...
Identify Technologies and Resources
Interpret and Communicate Information and Ideas
Investigate Problems and Engage in Research
Strategic Planning, Problem Solving, and Systematic Approaches
Collaborate as a Team
Apply Technologies Appropriately
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