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sierra crowther-oman

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

PARIS BY:SIERRA CO! THE EIFFEL TOWER HERE IS A VIDEO OF THE EIFFEL TOWER. THE EIFFEL TOWER the eiffel tower is the tallest sculpture in Paris.It is a really amazing,and a really big tourist attraction.Gustave Eiffel designed
the eiffel tower he is a french engineer.It was completed in 1889,and it had several hundred millon vistors since it opened.A workforce of about 250 riveted in excess of 18,000 pieces
of iron ,together to erect this long lived landmark.Gustave was also assited by engineers E'mile Nouguier and Maurice Koechli.The main architect was stephen Sauveestre. PARIS Temperature History Fashion People The standard temperatures in paris are between 5 C in the winter,and 20 C in the summer.July is the hottest month of the year,and January the coldest. During the past centrey ,the coldest winter was in 1953-1954 ,when the themomter dropped to 15 C. the temperature is fairly close to the same as Vancover and Newfoundland. the anual rainfall is 23.9 inches a year. THE END Thank you for watching
my presantation i hoped you enyoed it.If you have any questions or commets now would be a good time . french people dress diffrently. somtimes they were really crazy outfits. Photographs and they have a french accent and a commen hat is a berette Fun Facts! : Paris is the capital city of romance and love : Under the rule of Napoleon Bnaparte ,Paris became the capital of an empire and great miltary power. he crowned himself emperor in a ceremony held in notre-dame on may 18th 1804. Like his royal predecessors, he saw paris as a new rome and set about building public monuments befitting the capital of an empire some of these were conscions coipes of great Roman buildings , such as the english De la madeline. Napoleons wars aganist Britan and it allies met with great sucess but habris overconidence and the poor planing caused annihlation of his army in 1812 in the dephts of a russian an d austrain armies invaded france in 1814 and on march 31 th in 1814 Paris fell to the invaders and the napoleon was exiled. people in paris dress really crazy there somtimes.... and paris is home to fashion and style as well
as Newyork and london.
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