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Jasmine Sanchez

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of E-Safety

How to stay safe when using social media
Never send rude or hurtful messages to anyone
Only accept friend requests from people you know
Don't put any inappropriate pictures on your wall
Make sure your parent/guardian knows if you have an account on any websites
Keep your settings on private
Facts on Social Media websites
Staying safe online
Ways to stay safe when using Mobile Devices
Never give your phone number to someone you don't know
If a text message or any message sent to you or you have seen is bothering you, always tell your parent/guardian
Don't arrange to meet up with people you don't know
Only have people you know on your contacts list
Whenever you are downloading or buying an app always tell your parent/guardian before purchasing it
Mobile Devices
Facts/Statistics of Cyber Bullying
Thank you!
By Jasmine Sanchez
7WA1 7b/It3

Staying safe online
mobile devices
social networking
cyber bullying
Welcome to my Prezi
all about E-safety
Cyber bullying
Keep your settings on private
Don't post any inappropriate pictures on any website or social media
Don't tell anyone or put up personal information about yourself
Make sure you tell your parent/guardian if anything is bothering you online.
If you see any inappropriate pictures online tell your parent/guardian and report and block them.
Don't arrange to meet up with strangers or people you don't know
Popular Social Networking Sites
About Cyber Bullying
***Remember the internet is A WRITTEN RECORD. It is exactly the same as publishing an article or photo in a newspaper. Your words and images can be forwarded, re-posted, blogged and listed anywhere a million times over
These next few slides are going to be about cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is a form of bullying which is done through social media, mobile devices and the internet.
Here are some social networking sites that many people use. I will be explaining how to stay safe when using any of these sites.
I will be covering the topics:
I will be giving advice on what you should and should not do :)
It is important to stay safe when online. If you are not careful there could be some unfortunate consequences.
How to stay safe online:
Many sites have age restrictions on who can use them. There is always a reason for this; here are some now
Facebook- you must be 13 years or over to have an account on this website. You can post pictures and interact with other users by talking or playing games. Has over 1.23 billion users.

Twitter- you must be 13 years or over to have an account on this website. Twitter is a simple way to leave status messages on the go. Has over 218 million users.

Instagram- Again you must be 13 years old or over. However unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram won't prevent you from using the site if you are under age. You can post pictures for people to see. Has 90 million users.

Tumblr- As most social media sites you must be 13 years of age or over to have an account on Tumblr. You can post pictures and re blog other users' photos. Has 110 million users.

On most Mobile Devices you are able to go on the internet and download apps. However, sometimes people use their mobile phones for advantage. This could be to either hurt or cyber bully someone through messages or other applications.

If you are ever sent a hurtful text message or picture you should always tell a responsible adult who will help you deal with the situation. Consequences of using mobile devices inappropriately could even include the police getting involved.
A virus is something that goes into your computer and is able to delete your important files and sometimes even worse; it won't allow you to access your computer again.
How to prevent viruses:
-Don't open pop up ads. For example things saying; 'You have won an iPhone 5! click here to claim your prize!' Chances are it's fake and will send a virus to hack into your computer

-Make sure you always check with your parent/guardian before downloading or uploading anything

-There are special software devices that can prevent the chances of your computer getting a virus. Make sure you ask your parent/guardian before you purchase one.
Many people have been cyber bullied before. When someone is cyber bullied some very unfortunate things can happen to that person. But unfortunate things can also happen to the bully, this also includes going to jail.

It is not nice to be cyber bullied or bullied in any form or nature. Imagine how the person being bullied must feel; alone, scared, worried, confused. If you witness somebody being bullied you must always tell a responsible adult
What to do if you are cyber bullied
Tell a responsible adult immediately
Report and block the person who is bullying you
If you see something suspicious tell an adult you trust
If someone being cyber bullied online, always tell someone (e.g. parent/guardian, teacher)
Do not send rude or hurtful messages back to the person bullying you
There are special sites and contact numbers you can tell (e.g. Childline: 08001111)
Thank you for watching my Prezi all about E-safety! I hope you will
carry on being e-smart
Here's are video all about e-safety brought to you by newsround
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