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The Inca



on 5 January 2016

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Transcript of The Inca

The Inca
Mighty Empire:
* Andes Mountains of South America
* largest and richest of 3 empires
* Cuzco is capital city
roads and bridges:
~9500 miles of roads
masonry~huge temples
~pass messages on after 8-15 miles
quipu~series of strings/knots to record data
metalworkers~gold was sacred
mita system: 15-50 year olds must work for gov't each year.....built roads/walls/etc.
Land Division:
* divided into 3 parts
* a portion for the people
* a portion for the gods (storage)
* a portion for gov't (officials)
all spoke same language
Emporer/gov't/priests=upper class
They were not part of mita--relaxed @Machu Picchu
Farmers/servants/artisans=lower class
Most of their crops went to mita
Occasional human sacrifice
Pizarro & his partner make 3 trips to S.A.
Ambush & capture Atuhualpa
Held ransom--2 rooms filled w/ gold & silver
Tried for treason & killed
Weakened Incan empire can't fight back
Small rebellions for next 40 years
Pizarro & partner are millionaires--but....
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