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"Deep And Dark And Dangerous"

No description

Kierra Anne Louise Walsh

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of "Deep And Dark And Dangerous"

Mary Downing Hahn is a very talented writer. She has been writing for over thirty years and in that time has written over twenty seven novels. Some of the novels Mary has written include: "The Old Willis Place" , "Closed For the Season" and the best-seller "Wait 'Till Helen Comes". Mary is the writer of many genres. She has written books of historical fiction, contemporary fiction, and fantasy but she is definitely known for her ghost stories and mysteries. She now lives happily in her hometown of Maryland with her husband and continues to pursue her passion: writing. The setting of this book is very gloomy. An eerie cottage, haunting the habit ants with its memories and a deep, cold lake filled to the brim with secrets, amongst other things. For ninety five percent of the time, it's foggy and rainy, typical weather for Maine. There are many well developed characters in my book but the main one would have to be Ali. Even for her young age of thirteen she is very smart, persistent and strong headed. All of those traits I listed do apply to her but another one I find describes her well would be that she doesn't stop until she gets what she wants, especially if it's the truth. Plot Summary When Ali held the worn, tattered remains of an old photo in her hands after it fell out of the book she was reading, she was more confused than anything. She recognized the girls in the photo. One was her mother, and the other was her aunt Dulcie. But what she didn't understand was why a girl was ripped out of the photo, leaving only wisps' of her blonde hair visible. The pieces start to slowly fall into place once she is sent to the cottage with her aunt to babysit her little cousin Emma for the summer, the very cottage her mother and aunt spent their summers at. Soon after her arrival, Ali meets a sly little girl named Sissy. Sissy is vile, mysterious and something about her just doesn't sit well with Ali. As hundreds of questions viciously circulate around in Ali's mind, the main one being "Who is the girl in the photo?" She discovers something shocking as well as terrifying, she knows the girl in the photo! And just when she thinks that the situation couldn't get any worse, something else rattles her brain. Something she will never forget. "Deep and Dark and Dangerous" will keep you flipping the pages addictively as you follow Ali in this rip roaring tale of bone chilling events. Mood: The mood of this great book would definitely be mysterious. There are so many questions that are answered during the reading of the chapters of this book as well as one big, dark, dangerous secret. Theme: The theme of "Deep and Dark and Dangerous" is that no matter how well you think you may know a person, there is so much more under the surface than what they choose to show and tell, and that no matter how much you lie or how long you lie for, the truth always comes out, one way or another. I absolutely adored this book from cover to cover! It's now one of my favorite books for sure. I really liked it because I thought that the plot was very exciting, edgy and descriptive. The book used wonderful descriptive words such as quarreling and reluctantly. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good ghost story, and to someone who loves a plot that keeps you intrigued and interested. Reading this book is truly memorable. You as the listener should want to go out and get this book because it's very well written, well plotted and very descriptive. It has a really surprising twist and I'm sure that if you do choose to go pick up this book and give it a try you won't regret your decision one bit!
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