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BIM lv. 2 - PAS 1192-2 - Process Map F1

Eoghan Harris, Paddy Caroll, Declan Magee,

eoghan HARRIS

on 17 May 2018

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Transcript of BIM lv. 2 - PAS 1192-2 - Process Map F1

File Types - 3 types:
nwc - linked source file
nwf - federated working model
nwd - binded file for sharing
File Types - 3 types:
nwc - linked source file
nwf - federated working model
nwd - binded file for sharing
PAS1192-2 is the industry standard for BIM level 2
information modelling

The Standard -
BS/PAS 1192

Employers Information
BIM Protocol
CIC BIM Protocol

Legal Agreement

Appendix 1 + 2

Model Production
Delivery Table

Information Manager
Should the Irish industry adopt UK BIM level 2?
Conclusion -
Integrated Project Delivery

Pre-Contract BIM Execution Plan
Master Information Delivery Plan
Post-Contract BIM Execution Plan
Clash Detection
NBS Toolkit
Thank you
Required a reduction in the general government deficit to less than 3% of GDP by 2015 and contains guidance for Public Works Contracts (PWC) from 2007
Aimed for fixed cost tender submissions, Reduction of Capital waste and streamlined Project Delivery
Published in 2015 to promote more advanced construction project delivery
36 different key action items, with action No. 16 recommending a review of the current PWC's, currently under way.
'It is envisaged that the review will suggest a more BIM friendly approach to adapt to the current climate, perhaps with the addition of a BIM protocol as adopted in the UK.'
2007 - Capital Works
Management Framework
2015 - Forfas Irish Construction Sector Strategic Plan
'RIAI BIM Committee & CITA BIM Group are pushing for Ireland to adopt UK standards, because we don’t have the time/money/commitment to develop Irish standards.' (5)
Adoption of UK Standards
No Need to re-invent the wheel
PAS1192-2 is the industry standard for UK BIM level 2 information modelling
PAS1192 -
The Requirement
Similar to Revit for Navigation / Sectioning but faster.
File Types - 3 types:
nwc - linked source file
nwf - federated working model
nwd - binded file for sharing
Sets - search and selection sets
Redlining - useful for comments
Timeliner - import program (eg.
ms project) and assign elements
to timeline tasks for animation
Roles and Responsibilities
Clash avoidance Processes
Clash Meeting overview

Clash Detection Strategy (Reports / Sets / Tests)
Clash Detection
Documentation / Tools / Processes
Challenges / Workarounds
Spatial Coordination and Clash
Detection Avoidance Procedure
Autodesk Navisworks
Autodesk Navisworks cheatsheets
Clash Detection Process
Effective Clash Detection
Model needs to be authored correctly.
BIM Execution Plan needs to be adhered to for family naming and categorization
Organization of clashes. Areas for clash tests can be split by workset if model gets too big.
Employers Information
BIM Execution Plan
(Post Contract)
PAS 1192-2
Content of

1. Paddy

CIC BIM Protocol

1. Paddy

CIC BIM Protocol

2. Declan

Pre-Contract BEP
Responsibility Matrix
Post-Contract BEP

2. Declan

Pre-Contract BEP
Responsibility Matrix
Post-Contract BEP

3. Eoghan

NBS Toolkit
Federated Model

3. Eoghan

NBS Toolkit
Federated Model

Purpose of the Pre-Contract BEP
Supplier's response to the EIR
Demonstrate approach, capability and competence
Help Employer determine if EIR achievable
Assessment Criteria
Submission depends on procurement strategy
Contents of Pre-Contract BEP
3) Project Implementation Plan
4) Project Goals for Collaboration and Information Management
5) Major Project Milestones
6) Project Information Model delivery strategy
Contents of Pre-Contract BEP
1) Project Information
2) Responses to EIRs
b) Training Requirements
c) Planning work and Data Segregation
d) Collaboration Process
e) Security
f) Compliance Plan
g) Co-ordinates and Clash Detection
h) Software Formats

Built on the existing code of practice for collaboration production (BS1192:2007)

Specifies the requirements for achieving BIM Level 2.

Sets out framework for collaborative working on BIM Projects

Guidance for information management requirements

BIM Level 2 Workflow.
Datavision's Requirements
Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

A two stage design and build process.

Integrating BIM data into a global FM system


Design Responsibility Matrix
Developed over many stages in various formats
Initial Responsibility Matrix (Employer)
PIM Delivery Strategy (Tendering supplier)
Design Responsibility Matrix (Project Team)
Task Information Delivery Plan (Task Teams)
Master Information Delivery Plan (Info Manager)
The Requirement
HM Government Construction Strategy

Purpose - Free digital plan of works for project management.

Process - Adding and roles / tasks / deliverables with uniclass / levels of definition / responsibility matrix

main headings

RIBA project stages

Level of Definition
f model
efinition comprises of Levels of model Detail and Levels of model Information.
( 'Detail' is the graphical representation and 'Information' is the parameters)
Guidance for the development of LOD
can be found at the NBS toolkit -
L.O.D. is defined for project stages in the : Employers Information Requirements, BIM Execution Plan and BIM Protocol documents
This will provide the requirement for Level of graphical Detail required
The Level of Information will give the parameters required for the particular project stage
PAS 1192-2:2013
9.8.1 - 'The minimum level of detail
needed by the team or the employer for each models purpose shall be defined'
Most definitive guide for
developing elements
level of definition.

Download .xls of
product data sheet
to send to manufacturer
to fill out information for
COBie parameters
Some areas are not customizable, eg. Project Stages / Deliverables
Summary / Challenges
Uniclass 2015, required by PAS1192 can be an overly complicated numbering system / unable to change classification system
add from list of roles
or customise a role
assign company to role
populate tasks
/ edit defaults
or create custom
tasks by stage

assign task team

add componants by
uniclass 2015 definition
decide level of definition
Developed from series of Task Information Delivery Plans (TIDP)
TIDP developed by individual Task Team Managers
MIDP developed by Project Information Manager
Lists information deliverables;
Contains responsibility for information deliverables such as;
Room data sheets

Post-Contract BEP
Submitted by Supplier post contract award
The BEP now includes the following information;
- Responses to the EIRs (more developed)
- Roles, responsibilities and authorities.
- Survey strategy.
- Existing legacy data use.
- Approval of information & Authorisation process.

Post-Contract BEP
Revised PIP
Agreed processes for collaboration and modelling
Agreed IT Solutions

Importance of understanding sequence/how linked to standard procurement and contracts

Importance of each document in delivering a successful project - Comprehensive Contract Suite

Lack of Good vs Bad examples - learn from experience

Importance of KPIs
Summary / Lessons Learnt
1st step

Datavisions representative.

Include in Tender Documents.

Influence on design.

Specific requirements only.

Sets out clearly what models are required.

Communicating information requirements.
PAS1192-2 is the industry standard for UK BIM level 2 information modeling
PAS1192 -
The Requirement
Opensource software runs with java and COBie plugin

Upload .ifc and xls files.
Produces a validation report required by the BIM execution plan
Define zones from rooms / spaces
Documentation /
Tools / Processes
Challenges / Comparison
CADD Microsystems COBie Plugin
BIM Server with COBie plugin
Bimserver difficult to implement
No options to define which object parameters are mapped to COBie.xxx parameters
" COBie UK 2012 files shall be
issued from each discipline
volume specific model "
PAS 1192-2:2013
7.6.3. - Information delivery - Post Contract Award; Volumes
Employers Information
BIM Execution Plan
(Post Contract)
CADD Microsystems unable
to map parameters
Differences in results
Validation report
Setup - Project / Team Information
Define Parameters to export
Define parameters for export
Export to COBie .xmlx spreadsheet
The next version of the plugin may address this need
Dynamo may be used to map IFC parameters to COBie parameters
Validation Report has bugs
Contents of the EIR & Process Map
Lessons Learned on the E.I.R.
Important document.

Bringing value to a project.

Competent person needs to complete the EIR.

The document will be constantly referred back to at each critical stage of a project.

Lack of Good vs Bad examples of EIR's
CIC BIM Protocol
Intended for use on standard contracts.
Attached to contract agreement.
Minimum changes necessary.
Objective to enable production of models at defined stages.
Sets out the requirements to produce and deliver models to a defined level of detail.
Encourages collaboration between all parties on a project.
Responsibility of the Employer to put Protocol in place.
8 Clauses.
Appendix 1 - Model Production & Delivery Table
Appendix 2 - Information Requirements
Create Selection and Search sets using 'Find Items'.
Create Selection and Search sets using 'Find Items'.

Run clash detection and save clashes into groups.

Mark up viewpoints and Export report.

Clashes grouped by floor

Mark up viewpoints and Export report.
CIC BIM Protocol
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Information Manager
The role is mandated in the CIC BIM Protocol due to the importance of information management to the BIM Level 2 strategy.
Key role in setting up and managing the Common Data Environment.
Best fit either for the Design Team Leader or the Project Lead.
The gate keeper - policing the CDE
No design responsibilities.
Project Information Management.
Supports the implementation of the BIM Protocol
CIC BIM Protocol Conclusion
No major amendments needed.

Improves Contracting Environment.

Not been challenged in court.

No case studies of the Protocol.

Sharing of models & Intellectual Properties.

Promoting BIM Level 2
"Government will require fully collaborative 3D BIM (with all project and asset information, documentation and data being electronic) as a minimum by 2016"
is expensive
Clause 1 - Definitions.
Clause 2 - Priority of Contract documents.
Clause 3 - Obligations of the Employer.
Clause 4 - Obligation of the Project Team Member.
Clause 5 - Electronic Data Exchange.
Clause 6 - Use of Models.
Clause 7 - Liability in Respect of a Model.
Clause 8 - Termination

NBS Toolkit

RIBA Plan of work stages
CADD Microsystems
error messages, sometimes fails to process without reboot
NBS have recently released the BIM periodic table containing all the main elements for a successful BIM implementation split up into choreographed groups
BS­1192­-4:2014, 4.2.2;

‘Where an asset is sensitive from a security perspective (physical and/or information security),

this information should be handled in a separate limited access COBie deliverable’.
bimserver exported cobie data for all elements, CADD microsystems, just those selected.
bimserver reads from ifc parameters
CADD microsystems reads from COBie parameters
Worksheet Summary
Breakdown By Error Type
By Row
Integrated Project Delivery Cycle
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