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Asiatic Lion

No description

Jim Bob

on 5 January 2011

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Transcript of Asiatic Lion

Asiatic Lion James Eme
9-10 Structural Adaptations Behavioural Adaptations 1. The male is the only cat that has a mane. It serves to protect his neck during fight and when under attack and also makes him appear larger and more intimidating and makes him appear more attractive to females. 2.When the male dismounts from the female she will slap hin in the face, this is because the male's penis is covered in backwards facing the barbs which causes pain to the female when he withdraws. 1. Living in a pride enables lions
to prey upon large animals and to
protect their young and territory
When young males reach sexual maturity at between two and three years old, they leave the pride they were born into in order to prevent inbreeding. They will wander for a couple of years, gaining strength and experience, before challenging established males for control of a pride. If a young male has no brothers, half-brothers or cousins of his own age, he will often join forces with another lone male, since two or more males have more chance of winning a pride. 2. 3. Their golden fur
allows then to stay hidden in
dry grass and helps avoid predators. 3. They use their roar to intimidate
animals that try to claim what belongs
to them (resources). http://cheezdailysquee.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/13977557-fd78-49d9-9371-cf11d807f26d.jpg
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