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How Do I Make A Decision?

No description

Charis Ministries

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of How Do I Make A Decision?

How Do I Make A Decision?
Key Principles
Discernment Steps
God Is With You!
Every step
of the way.
God is with you on the
path of discernment.
God is at work
in our lives.
God speaks directly to
each one of us.
Discernment focuses on the choice between two good options to best follow God's will, not between right and wrong.
Freedom to choose between
all available choices.
meaning we must consider:
Freedom from disordered attachments, meaning we must discard our attachments to:
Find some solitude
come to God in prayer.
Tell God
what you desire
what you fear.
Let God
speak to you.
Pray to do
God's will.
you are not alone.
Discernment happens within our relationship with God.
Talk with someone you respect, such as a spiritual director.
obligations to others
family commitments
budget restraints, etc.
pleasing others
making money
wanting power, etc.
Pay attention to the movement of the spirits, noticing where you experience consolation or desolation in terms of our choices.
Start with what you know.
Make a Pro and Con list.
Act as if you made the decision.
Imagine you are nearing the end of your life...

As you look back on this decision, what choice will matter more in the end?
What are the facts?

What exactly is the invitation God
is putting
forth for me
to discern?
Weigh the fruits and the costs.
Ponder what life would be like if you acted on one choice.
Ponder what life would be like if you acted on the other.
Which choice brings an increase of faith, hope and love?
Pretend a friend came to you with your same discernment choices ....

What advice
would you
give your
Let God affirm
your decision
in prayer.
Share your decision with a few trusted external voices.

Are they in agreement with your decision?

Check the fruits of
your decision.

Are you at peace?
Do you feel inner freedom?
Do you feel consolation?
Live into
your decision!
Continue to check
on the fruits of
your decision.

Know that
is an ongoing
St. Ignatius offers us these practical suggestions when it comes to gathering data about our discernment process.
Prayerfully commit
to a decision.
We seek to align our will
to God's will to learn
what God is
calling us to do.
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