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rowan perkins

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Rowan Perkins
How Will The Water Conditions in Africa Afect The Lives Of Peace Corps Workers Going To Africa?
Senegal is on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, the little country inside of Senegal is Gambia. Senegal is considered rich with their water. Because they don't have to walk very far.
Ghana is on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. Which is on the Atlantic Ocean. Ghana, has lots of diseases like blood disease and malaria. Water is somewhat scarce.
In Senegal, if there is a problem with one of their wells they believe a genie lives there so, they will build a new one even if the well is full of clean water. No one ever goes to the wells at dawn and dusk it has been said that spirits hant the wells at those times. Did you know that tea making is a main part in the Senegal culture. It is done every day, when they have time to spare.
Villagers are now seeing the connection between stomach pains and unclean water, Diarrhea is a very common illness for villagers who don't boil, filter or bleach their water after coming back from the wells.
Daily Usage of Water
This is a picture of a well from Senegal. Their wells are not as clean and nice as ours from the USA. It is where everyone gets their water from. They use the water from the well for cooking, bathing, washing cloths and drinking. Extra water could be given to pets or used to water the plants.
Source of Water
Some place's get their water from wells that carry bacteria and parasites. In a couple fortunate places there are community faucets where they pay around five CFA (.008 cents) per bucket.
Ghana's Culture
Tinkana is a grove of trees that is never cut down because it is believed that spirits and gods live there. Did you know that the most respected person in a village, is the oldest person because of his age and wisdom. Aside from that, the villagers will give them goats and sheep as a sacrifice to the gods for water.
Ghana's Illnesses
Bilharzia is a common disease in Ghana. The worm enters through the human skin. If the person urinates in the river, eggs will go into the river and start again.
Ghana's Daily Usage of
Most PEACE Corps volunteers don' know how much water they use until they get to their destination. Water is used for cooking, bathing, washing your cloths and dishes, drinking, and flushing your toilet. This could be a big change for many volunteers.
Ghana's Source of Water
Villagers get there water from boreholes and sometimes wells. Borehole water is often clean and clear. There are also rivers which many have stopped drinking from but, they still use the water for bathing.
This is a borehole from a village in Ghana, and it doesn't look so clean.
Bralai Primary School
World Atlas
How To Fix A Well
The average African family uses five gallons of water per day. The average American uses 176 gallons per day, and that's just one American. Think about how big of a difference that is going to be it will, it will take some time to get used to.
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