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Eevee Island

No description

Alyssa Moreno

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Eevee Island

Eevee Island
Eevee Involves into a grass type pokemon after eevee is exposed to the leaf stone. Leafeon is a result from eevee and the leaf stone put together. leafeon eats leafs and barries.Leafeon can camouflage into the trees and bushes due to its colors. like eevee it is in its natural habitat. Leafeon lives near rocks in a forest.
Eevee evolves into Vaporeon Using a water stone. vaporeon can be found near the water since it is a water type pokemon. Vaporeon can swim faster than any other type of Eevee's. They eat berries that land in the water due to the wind blowing them. They can walk on the islands surface and hang out by the beach. They are perfect for this environment because of its gills and fin.
Eevee is a normal type of pokemon. Eevee is able to survive in eevee island because it is in its natural habitat. Eevee is a vegetarian; it only eats berries. Eevees genetic code is irregular, it may evole in a variety of ways . It evolves if its environment changes. it adapts to harsh enviorments by taking different evolutionary forms.
Eevee can become a jolteon by taking in a thunderstorm stone. jolteon lives by the high mountain where there is clouds near by to absorb the
Eevee island historic histoy
On my way to an awesome adventure Alyssa and I came across Eevee island and found interesting things on the island. We found awesome looking creatures here. We have brought some people along to help build a town in Eevee island . There are now human contact with this island thanks to Alyssa and I. We help Clean up after the Eevees and also take good care of them. Eevee Island was created due to a mysterious pokemon named Mew. Mew is the ancestor of all pokemons. Mew made every type of pokemos. On this specific island there lives only eevees and mew. On a warm sunny day a Meteoroid came and hit the island long time ago and made fire, leaf, water,thunder, and ice stones. These stones contained special type of energy that caused the pokemons to envolve over time.
Poke Balls
Glaceon is an ice type pokemon. He is also one of Eevees evolutions. You can get a Glaceon by combining a ice stone with a Eevee. Glaceon eats any type of berries. It Lives by cold mountains. Its ice skin allows it to stay cool and it camouflage in the snow.
Eevee involved into Flareon with the fire stone. flareon eats berries as well
Poke Balls are used to capture eevees. Humans capture Pokemons and train them to battle other pokemons. Once a trainer wins a gym battle they receive a gym badge.
Poffins are another source of food for the eevees. Poffins are made up of two diffrent types of berries
Eevee can envolveinto umbreon when it is exposed too much to the moon light. it lives near the top of the mountain and in the forest where he recieves alot of moon light and also has afood supplies around. like every other eevee it eats berries. umbreon loves Espeon because theyare different but the same they are always around each other.
Eevee can involve into espeon by being exposed to the sun to much. the same as all eevees they eat any kind of berries and poffins. Can be found by the beach.
Eevee evolves into sylveon due to eating special kind of berries. The berries are unknown. it is a Mysterious Type of pokemon . It is said that it may be fairy type because it could fly.
Leaf Stone
Eevee pokedex
Island description
Mountains, Forest, Jungles, beach, active volcanoes,Snowy mountains during winter, caves, and grassy plains.
Mew is the ancestor of all pokemon.mew can tele port and eats all kinds of berries he is a flying type of pokemon. mew can survive anything because it it a lengendary pokemon that adapts to everything.
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