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Patient Education and Pain

No description

Greg Carter

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of Patient Education and Pain

Joint Commission Standards
Require nurses to assess learning needs including
pain assessment/TX
plan of care
Speak Up
Speak up if you have questions, if you do not understand, ask again
Pay attention to your care and treatments. right medications and right provider.
Educate yourself. learn about test and treatment plans.
Ask a trusted individual to be your advocate
Know meds you take and why, to avoid med errors
Use certified/evaluated facilities
Participate in all decisions
Acute Pain
has identifiable cause
short duration
limited tissue damage
can progress to chronic pain...
Have a nice Spring Break!
Learning Style
learning style affects preference for learning..Why?
Patient Education and Pain
Motivation to learn
as anxiety increases, attention decreases. why is this significant?
if patient does not want to learn, most likely they won't...
How do you assess motivation? (clubbing example).
Self-efficacy: what is it?
Concept of social learning
refers to an individuals perception or confidence they can complete or be successful at a task.
if you believe you can do something, you are more likely to do it
used in MANY health promotion theories
Active Participation
why does this work?
what is the benefit of having a teaching session about car seats in a parking lot with actual cars?
Physical Capability
older patients who cannot grasp objects or have poor eyesight, how would you educate them to be successful?
Plan when and where to deliver education
after rigorous tests is not good, why?
why does learning environment matter?
What considerations are you going to make for elderly patients?
Should you educate family members, loved ones?
Return demonstration
what is it?
what does this tell you?
outpatient education...
do not forget to chart it!!
help frame the concept
help recall education
example of water hose/BP
know the concept, know patients background and culture, & keep them simple and clear..
similar to your experience, but allows you to see patients conceptual understanding.
Used in diabetic, CV, and nutrition counseling frequently.
Would make for an excellent senior project
32 million adults in the US cannot read
21% of adults read at or below a 5th grade level
how does this impact your nursing care, education, and family interactions?

last longer than 6 months
constant or recurring
does not always have an identifiable cause
back pain, HA
typically not life threatening
many patients suffer from chronic pain, and can lead to job loss, depression, decreased ADLs, isolation
Attitudes of the nurse affect pain management....
Characteristics of Pain
onset and duration
pattern/time of day
relief measures
contributing/what makes it worse?
What are the various pain rating scales?
how do you assess pain in non responsive or non verbal patients?
What are behavioral indicators of pain?
What is APL and why does it even matter?
Non pharmacological methods
relaxation/guided imagery
noise levels

PCA: what is it? what do you monitor?
Can anyone have a PCA? why or why not?
why is education and documentation of education so important? what do you tell family members?
anti anxiety agents and muscle relaxants combine with opioids?
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