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Urban Isolation

By Chelsea Moss

Chelsea Moss

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Urban Isolation

Urban Isolation Jon Spencer by chelsea moss Nottingham Castle Magonolia Tree Swiss Re In the Swiss Re you get a contrast of contemporary and historic genre. The main focus of the modern building and below you can see heritage buildings. The streets are blurred to not overwhelm the audience. John Spencer used a longer shutter speed to create the blurriness of the street yet keep the buildings in focus. The image is distorted and the main focus is the tree. He takes pictures of from tripod a lot of times and uses Photoshop to create images as patchwork of tone and form. The image is made of each face of the banister and most of them are octagnical. The eight photos are layered together.
Through the layering the audience gets a sense a historic feeling even though the figures are contemporary.
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