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Natalie Cunningham

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of Crossed

By Ally Condle Plot Summary Crossed The book Crossed by Ally
Condle takes place in the
outer provinces of Oria, in the future . Throughout this novel the main protagonists Cassia and Ky are trying to find each other, after being separated by the government . The characters face lots of small conflicts but the main conflict is that they are trying to find each other while the government is trying to hunt them down. In the end the characters manage to find each other after encountering lots of interesting characters and places. The Elements Of Plot Exposition: The exposition in the book 'Crossed'
by Ally Condle includes the setting, characters and tone. Crossed takes
place in the outer provinces of Oria . Crossed has two main protagonists Cassia and Ky, as well as their friends, Vick, Indie and Elli , that you get to know well throughout the novel. Ally wrote Crossed
with a dark tone, making you feel bad for the characters and what their life is like.
the exposition to Crossed by Ally Condle
gives the reader a good idea of the books
tone,and clearly introduces the book, by fallowing the formula for an exposition. Rising Action: The rising action is when Cassia realized that she had to find Ky after being put on a plane to the outer provinces, were she will most likely die. The rising action also occurred when Ky met a boy named Vick who wanted to run away from the camp were they were being held. Climax: The climax of the book Crossed is when Cassia accidentally takes a poisonis pill and gets really sick. At the same time Ky's friend dies and he gives up hope on finding Cassia. The falling action in Crossed is when Cassia survives a poissonis pill and she thinks she see's Ky far off in the distance. The resolution in Crossed is when Ky and Cassia finally find each other after looking for each other, for a very long time. Denouement: Resolution:
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