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Marketing Committee Presentation

No description

Animal Humane

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Committee Presentation

Marketing Committee
Presentation 2013

Presentation Overview:
Vision & Goals
Organizational Advertising/Marketing Overview
Departmental Advertising/Marketing Overview
Progress & Growth
Strategic Planning Task for Committee
Our Vision:
Animal Humane will be a household name in
New Mexico and acknowledged as the best place to acquire a pet and the best resource for pet owners. Animal Humane New Mexico will be recognized as one of the premier, forward-thinking animal welfare organizations in the country.
Vision & Goals
Cultivating Community Relationships
Increase Corporate event sponsorships/partnerships, acquiring 3 new corporate sponsors in 2013
Secure 10 new local business partnerships
Vision & Goals
Organizational MarCom Overview:
What are we doing?

Strong, recognizable branding
Focus on consistency in imagery and messaging
Excellent design
Maintain brand language standards
Strive to achieve exceptional brand quality on the micro & macro levels, ranging from billboard design to phone answering etiquette
Marketing Research
Customer service surveys sent to adopters online within one week of adoption
Ask all visitors “How did you hear about us?” on MYM & Cat Adopter Surveys
UNM Marketing Students conducted Market Research analyses on Thrift & Westside
With Adopters:
During adoption: encourage word of mouth support
Within one week: Post adoption e-blast
Average open rate of 65%
3 weeks out: follow-up phone call to check in on transition into new home
Within one year: Appreciation gift, this year was Season’s/Zinc/Savoy gift certificate
One Year Out: Vaccination Reminder cards are sent to all adopters one year following adoption
Monthly: They are added to our regular e-blast list
Twice annually: They are sent our Agency Newsletter
Relationship Marketing: Emphasis on Customer Retention & Satisfaction
With Donors:
Quarterly NL
Hand-signed TY card within one week of donation
E-blast updates on important announcement/project progress
Relationship Marketing: Emphasis on Customer Retention & Satisfaction
With Businesses:
Nurture existing relationships, maintain regular contact
Develop and cultivate new relationships
Seek out unique partnership opportunities to best fit individual business partners needs
Annual appreciation gifts to partners
With Community
Social Media
Traditional Media
Collegiate community engagement
Educational presentations
Relationship Marketing: Emphasis on Customer Retention & Satisfaction
Traditional Advertising
Print Ads:
ABQ the Magazine
ABQ Business First
Local iQ
Albuquerque Journal
Bosque Beast
Corrales Comment
Bus Ads throughout ABQ & Rio Rancho
TV commercials
Radio promotion
Guerilla Marketing
Community engagement
Posters/flyers in local businesses
Business Partnerships
Doghouse Donation boxes in more than 70 local businesses
16 businesses display our organizational information and host adoptable cat through CAT
Provide branded, pet-related, signage to local businesses
Seasonal Promotions
Direct Mail Marketing/Advertising
Realtor Post Card – June 2013
Agency Newsletter
Development Direct Mail pieces
Vaccination Reminder cards
Business Partner mailings
Staff/Volunteer Appreciation postcard
Affinity/Alliance Marketing
Gecko’s Table tents
Casa Verde Salon & Spa Mirror decals
Renewal By Anderson Advertising Swap
Staybridge Suites
Upcoming: Clark’s Pet Emporium & Lobo Basketball
Social Media Marketing
Facebook - 7,300+ fans, average monthly growth of 5%
Youtube - 57,000+ views
New videos uploaded weekly
Twitter - 1,783 followers
Google Plus
Linked In
Hashtags - #perfectpetnm & #perfectpet
Trend: Until now, most social media sites have been separate entities. However, many are site are combining, and we will be able to better integrate a comprehensive strategy.
Internet Marketing/Advertising
Search Engine Marketing: Google Adwords
$10,000 monthly of in-kind advertising
Since beginning in August 2012, has resulted in 32,000+ click-throughs & 910,000+ impressions
Photo team & Video team to maximize pet presentation online
More than 8,000 on general recipient list
Received All Star Award for 2 consecutive years
Average open rate of 29%, industry average is 22%
Most successful e-blast generated close to $20K
Websites with Display Advertising:
Internet Marketing/Advertising
LivingSocial Deal
Sent to more than 100,000 subscribers in ABQ
16 adoption deals sold, and many other reported coming in because of seeing the deal, but didn’t purchase
Facebook.com Advertising
Website Pop-up ad
Live-feed webcams
Google Display advertising
Geographic Targeting
Contextual Targeting
Interactive webcam (we hope!)
Groupon Grassroots Campaign (we hope!)
Review from LivingSocial purchaser:
“We love our new puppy! The service was great as well, making sure we were a good match for one another and to have the things we needed for the little guy. They look out for everyone in the situation and we couldn't be more pleased! :)”
Communications/Public Relations
We receive TV news coverage once weekly on average on local syndicates that air statewide
Featured “pet of the week” on KRQE/KASA each Tuesday at noon
Live “pet of the week” spots on 9 radio stations weekly
Print news coverage monthly on average
Press Releases sent for large press announcements
PR Newswire member
Doggie Dash & Dawdle
Event has shown growth of 15% each year for past 3 years
2012 passed net revenue goal by $3,000 and generated a 45% increase in revenue over previous year
Logo Sales
Traditional advertising campaign
New Mexico Humane Conference
Conference host annually
Average of 200+ attendees from AWOs statewide
Plan and facilitate event
Adoption Events
Mobile Adoption Events
2-3 times weekly
Pet Adoption Extravaganza with Clear Channel Radio
Benefit Events
One monthly on average
Events hosted by businesses that raise funding and create exposure for our organization
Montezuma Ball
2014 Event Beneficiary
Control of design & look
Estimated funds raised $100K
Evangelism Marketing
Charity Navigator 4 star rating
Ethics in Business Award
Transparency & Accountability
Customer Service
Knowledgeable & passionate team
Youth MarCom, developing loyal support from the next generation
Inbound Marketing
Lost/Found Community Forum
Receives average of 20 posts of lost/found pets weekly
Robust website with myriad resources for pet owners
Average of 52% of our web visitors each month are repeat visitors
To keep up with web trends, within fiscal we will be modernizing site to be “responsive,” meaning it reorganizes content to be usable on various screen sizes and devices, including phones
E-cards available as gifts for all occasions
Online Giving (Website Portal) in
2012 grew by 36% over 2011
(from $69,984 to $94,899).
Pet Re-homing community forum
Departmental Advertising/Marketing
Perfect Pet Cross-Media Marketing Campaign
Appeals to all demographics
Secured $63,000+ in-kind advertising
Advertising/Promotional Mediums
Direct Mail
Social Media
Adoptions Department
Advertising Accountability:
Initial results since campaign launch on January 10th:
Web traffic
increased by 14%
over previous period
41,758 Pageviews of our adoptable pets, an
increase of 16%
over previous period
Our hashtag, #perfectpetnm, has been
used 101 times
and our more generic tag, #perfectpet has been used 1,012 times
Our reach on our facebook page
grew by 52%
, with an average weekly reach of 15,087 people! Our likes
grew by 6%
, with 405 new likes.
Contacted by numerous community members to be featured in the campaign
Adoptions Department
Perfect Pet Cross-Media Marketing Campaign
Branded pets? No, really.
Adopt/Adoptable pets are most viewed web pages, 6x more views than the second most viewed page on average
To optimize pets’ image:
Excellent photos
Engaging, professional, videos for adoptable pet
QR codes on pet housing
Great narrative descriptions, that incorporate our “Perfect Pet” Messaging
Pets are well-trained, clean and loved
Team is knowledgeable about pets and provide valuable counseling to potential adopters to match them with their perfect pet
Adoptions Department
Standardize adoption training
Adoption Counselor Attire
Google Tablet displays for all dogs in new Adoption Center & cats in Cat House
Continuation & evolution of Perfect Pet Campaign
Adoptions Department
Advertising/Marketing Promotions
Seasonal sales & promotions
Shamrock sale, March 16-17
2 week on-air promotion on Magic 99.5
Live Remote for 2 hours during event
Social Media + website promotion
Internet Advertising
Google Adwords
300+ click-throughs and 25,000+ impressions
Advertising: 75+ click-throughs & 22,960+ impressions
Offer: 2,218 impressions, 52 clicks, 239 actions
Print Advertising
Local iQ
Corrales Comment
Direct Mail
Valpak mailing to 50,000 households in April
Thrift Shop
We anticipate passing our 2012 budgeted Marketing Event Revenue Goal
Standardize partnership/support options to attract more support. Current options:
Adopter Goodie Bags
Adoptable Pet Sponsor
Event Sponsorship
Business Promotional Events
Benefit Events
Mobile Adoption Events
Outreach Events
Customized Business Support Opportunities
We can tailor partnership to best fit business goals & brand
Generating partnerships through:
Developing existing relationships
Rekindling past relationships
Cold calling
Receiving many inquiries from businesses seeing our increased presence in the community
Business Support
Business Support
Upcoming Business Partnerships/Events include:
Scarpa’s (Month of March)
Fashion Show at Effex Nightclub (March 21st)
WAKA Kickball League (March 17th to May 11)
Tim’s Place Restaurant (April 29th – May4th)
Flying Star & Satellite Coffe’s Buy A Cookie, Save a Pet Campaign
La Salita’s Salsa Saves Lives (May)
Tractor Brewery – Brewing beer in our name (May)
La Cumbre Brewing Company – Brewing beer in our name
Gecko’s Pups on the Patio (June 22nd)
Mark Diamond’s Jewelers Dog Days of Summer Event (August 10th)
Enchantment Pet Resort & Spa Dog Speed Date event (August)
Sports Systems Snow Puppy Event (November)
Business Support
Progress and Growth
Web Traffic
Adoptable Pet Webpage Views
Increasing Visibility
Maintain image of quality, professionalism and excellence
Saturate brand throughout greater Rio Rancho/ABQ metros,
Expand statewide, and ultimately, nationwide brand recognition
Further develop & improve internal communication efforts to ensure consistent messaging
Further develop Evangelical marketing through exceptional customer service
Increase acquisition of new customer groups likely to be acquiring a pet
Vision & Goals
Driving Revenue
Increase adoptions by 15% in 2013 Calendar
Increase Thrift Shop visibility to aid in:
Achieving sales/revenue goals
Increasing donations
Vision & Goals
We qualify as a No-Kill shelter,
but please call us a High Save shelter instead.
The No-Kill movement: It has become so ubiquitous, why don’t we just call our organization no-kill?

We are committed to transparency and accountability, and using that terminology negates both of those values.
What is the true definition of no-kill?
It depends who you ask:
Best Friends: Not killing pets for population control
Nathan Winograd: Open admissions shelters saving 90-97% of all pets
No Kill Nation: A No Kill community is one where: Healthy and treatable dogs and cats are saved; and, Healthy and treatable feral cats are saved.
How can a shelter achieve no-kill?
It depends who you ask:
Nathan Winograd/No Kill Nation: Following his “No Kill Equation,” which is actually simply a list of programs successful shelters do on their own, there is nothing proprietary about it.
Best Friends: No More Homeless Pets Partner network, focused on spay/neuter & increasing adoptions, transfers from at-risk shelters, grant funding
No-Kill is:
A Misnomer:
No-Kill is:
No-Kill is:
The term is misleading. The public doesn’t understand that shelters still euthanize pets deemed untreatable.
With few exceptions, purveyors of the movement encourage public animosity toward shelters that have not yet achieved no-kill.
Instead of encouraging collaboration and providing resources to help shelters achieve high save rates, no-kill vilifies shelters that haven’t, accusing their leaders of laziness, and sometimes, of wanting to kill pets.
They don’t provide usable resources, positive reinforcement and collaboration to help shelters improve save rates, rather they provide outdated powerpoints or PDFs brushing over how others have succeeded, with no clear information on how shelters can implement it themselves.
Introducing High Save Shelters
No-Kill has reached a point of public awareness where we have to acknowledge it; we are asked daily if we are no-kill.
There is a demand for better, more accurate terminology: there are a growing number of leading shelters achieving save rates that qualify them as no kill, but opting not to use “No-Kill” terminology for the aforementioned reasons
We have an opportunity to fill an opening in the market by leading this initiative
High Save Shelters

Shelters with High Save Rates that don’t use “No Kill” Language
Qualify as “No-Kill”
Animal Humane New Mexico – 90%
Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society – 90%
Seattle Humane Society – 96.5%
Oregon Humane Society – 98% (2011)
Connecticut Humane Society – 95%
Humane Society of Boulder Valley – 93%
East Bay SPCA – 92% (Oakland, CA)
Spokane Humane Society – 99%
Making Progress
San Diego Humane Society – 85%
Denver Dumb Friends League – 83%
SPCA of Texas – 88.6%
Minneapolis – 80%
Humane Society of Tampa Bay – 86%
Longmont Humane Society – 81% (2010)
And Many More!
Our plan:
Establish a national collaborative of leading shelters who have achieved “no-kill” statistics, but embrace and use “High Save” as opposed to “no-kill”
Launch a website, providing resources for shelters on how to successfully implement programs to increase their save rate
Focus on helping shelters nationwide create financially & logistically sustainable save rates
Highsave.org, highsaveshelters.org, savemorepets.org
Launch a national communications campaign to:
Focus on social media, editorial and website
Educate public about our movement
Provide clarity on differences between High Save and no-kill
Gain following of public supporters
Recruit other shelters to join our collective
Provide clear, concise terminology
Require all participating shelters to be absolutely transparent
What are the differences between High Save and No Kill?
We will:
be comprised of shelters leading the industry
use positive messaging
use accurate terminology
be transparent and realistic
provide resources and positive reinforcement to help shelters improve save rates in a sustainable way
provide well organized, easily navigable content that engages users
We won’t judge or vilify shelters
We won’t breed negativity and conflict
We need your help to:
Research feasibility of launching this new initiative
Assist in creation of messaging that communicates our position in a positive manner
Make recommendations for roll-out
Survey of Adopters from 5/12-2/13
Our Current Position Statement on No-Kill is outdated:
Animal Humane’s #1 goal is to find homes for 100% of all healthy pets we receive.
Albuquerque has a daunting pet overpopulation problem. All shelters and rescue groups are greatly burdened with unwanted animals. Here are some facts about shelters and rescue groups who characterize themselves as “NO-KILL”:

1)“No-Kill” shelters limit their intake of animals to only the highly adoptable. Animals that require major medical care, exhibit behavior problems or are deemed unadoptable are usually sent to “open admissions” shelters.
2)“Open Admissions” shelters, like Animal Humane must absorb the burden of those animals that “No-Kill” shelters turn away.
3)Every shelter finds itself in the unfortunate position of having to euthanize animals for health or behavioral issues.

The devoted staff and volunteers of Animal Humane are committed to avoiding needless euthanasia of adoptable animals by providing quality medical care, loving sheltering, and tireless adoption efforts in our community. We hope for and are working towards the day that all shelters and rescue groups within our city cooperate equally to share the burden of caring for and finding homes for unwanted pets.

We will be working to save the lives of more homeless pets
What are the similarities between High Save and No Kill?
Don't Call Us No-Kill
We are High-Save

"Fell in love with photos online. Excellent photos by the way. Wow." -Recent Adopter
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