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Barefoot Gen Pressay

No description

Yoonjin Son

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Barefoot Gen Pressay

Gen, the main character looses his family in the Atomic Bomb and he becomes stronger.

Theme: Be strong and never give up!

Thesis: As a result of the changed environment, Gen changes from selfish to someone who cares about everybody.
The Quote on page 16 (of the book volume one) :
"Shinji! Are you going to eat it all by yourself?! You little brat! Give it back!!"
Gen and his brother Shinji are fighting for the sweet potato on this page. At last, Gen gets to eat it all by himself. This attitude and quote show how Gen was selfish before the bomb.
Topic Sentence - AFTER
(How they changed)
The quote on page 251 (of the book volume five)
"I'll get my hands on lots of good food and I'll feed it to you and that dumb disease will go running for its life!"
Gen says this quote for his sick mother. He starts to make money to feed his family. He feels very responsible for all the problems happening to his family and friends. He changes very much. Moreover, he becomes extremely brave to do all the scary and dangerous things.
Topic Sentence - What they were like BEFORE
Image by Tom Mooring
Barefoot Gen Pressay
The quote on page 250 (of the book volume one)
"Forty-three seconds later, 1800 feet over Hiroshima, the atomic bomb named Little Boy exploded with a white-hot light. It was like a million flashbulbs going off at once..."
This scene is the part where the A-bomb exploded. Gen looses his family except for his mother and an older brother who is fighting in the army. This explosion changes Gen's environment. He becomes stronger to survive with his pregnant mother, and he never gives up.
Barefoot Gen
By: Keiji Nakagawa
Topic Sentence - DURING
(What changed them)
Thesis: Following the changed environment, Gen changes.
"Barefoot Gen" and the book "Hiroshima" are similar. It takes place in Hiroshima at the time when the atomic bomb exploded. Moreover, these books are abut people surviving from the bomb.
My book takes place in Japan during WWII, but the book "Fly Girl" takes place in America. In "Fly Girl", main character and her pilot friends are trained to drop the bomb. Their situation is different. She is focusing on riding battle plane, but he is focusing on living and surviving.
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