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Jackiee Martinez

on 5 June 2013

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Dr. Martens Geboren in Deutsch Teaming up with Dr. Marten, was Dr. Funck, a British colleague of his. They first cranked out a pair of boots in April 1st, 1960. Making them the first ever combat boots that are the most stylish, to all audiences and the first ever to have air cushion soles, comforting the foot of the users. Most notable pair of boots, Dr. Marten's 1460s. Produktion The start of the production of the boots was in April 1st, 1960. in the UK in a small little workshop factory that still stands today in Northampton, UK. After the economic fall of the US, they had no choice of saving what they could and move production to China and Thailand. And was in compliance with the California Supplies in Transparency Act of 2010. But with recent upcomings the company decides to keep the main factory in the UK open for special orders on vintage boots, for a higher price than the ones from China and Thailand. Freundliche Tier The reason why this company is very ethical, it's record and reputation to the environment. All of it's boots are now being made with tyre which is a kind of rubber that replaces the animal leather of the boots, lowering the demand of the leather and saving the animals. Jackiee Cerna.
Ethics, period 4. An Ethical shoe company. Umweltfreundlich In the environmental record of Dr. Marten's they have seen the fact of natural resources being used up. As an act of being useful, Dr. Martens have made their shoe boxes thinner, using less cardboard, and as well the paper to stuff the inside of the shoes. are now 25%-35% less than usual, saving paper. Freien Markt In the free market of Dr. Martens...
The company is in comply with the California Supplies in Transparency Act of 2010, which it states that the company does annual audits to check off the fairness and work condition of the factories overseas (Thailand and China)
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