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Prezi, PowerPoint and Keynotes

No description

Marc Hughes

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Prezi, PowerPoint and Keynotes

Prezi, PowerPoint and Keynotes Thomas Hughes
Samuel Duchesneau Power-Point Keynotes Used by Steve Jobs Only available on a Mac OS Overall... Business Friendly Most Popular of the Three Online application What We Give it: Free and Accessible Anywhere Prezi Prezi, PowerPoint and Keynotes 8 / 10 But mostly because people
have not tried other apps! 7/10 Only the very basics of the app is free The fees go from 4.92 $/month to 13.25 $/month, which can become expensive year round NO slides! The application offers no slides. It can limit, as well as expand your options Available almost anywhere Good price for the quality of the product Lacked in visual effects and is not as visually attractive as the two others iWork Suite Graphics and designs are attractive, and it is easy to use We give it: 9 / 10
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