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Steve Lonsdale

on 7 January 2017

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Transcript of Travel

by Team 4
The Globe Theatre
The Pork Pie
Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas
Tortilla Espanola
The Helix Bridge
Lunar Festival
Singapore Chilli Crab
The festival of San Fermin
Bab al-Yemen
Stonehenge remains one of England’s most mysterious landmarks. Seemingly endless theories of its purpose abound, ranging from a celestial timepiece to a sacrificial site. This 4,500 to 5,000 year old construction includes single sarsen stones weighing up to 25 tons each. These stones originated from an ancient quarry some 20 miles away. (Jarus, 2014)
England holds a strong history in the cultured arts, however few places stand testament to this fact more than The Globe Theatre. Originally constructed in 1599, The Globe served as the primary home for William Shakespeare’s acting company. (Mabillard, 2008)
The pork pie first came into existence in the 1720s. Originally eaten by farmers, the inedible black pastry served only to preserve the meat inside. By the 1830s the pork pie was the chosen meal of English aristocrats. In 2013, Britain consumed more than £158,000,000 worth of pork pies. (The Great British Bake Off, 2014)
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The Las Ventas is one of the most famous bull rings in Spain. The bullring was designed by an architect by the name of Espeliu on June 17th 1931. The bullring is not only used for fighting bulls any more, now it’s used for all sorts of thing from rock concerts to political meetings, it is even used as a tennis court at times. Plaza de Toros Las Ventas is the largest bullring in Spain, seating 25,000 people. This tradition usually takes place between March and December. (Las Ventas, 2010-2015)
The Tortilla Espanola or the Spanish omelette is one of the most commonly served foods in Spain, sometimes even being called the national dish of Spain. Sometimes it is even called Tortilla de Patata or Potato Omelet. In bars and cafes it is often served as a Tapa or appetizer. (L&T Sierra 2004)
The fiestas of San Fermin or the running of the bulls is one of the major festivals that happens every year in Spain. With lots of locals and tourist taking part it is one of the most iconic cultures. Thousands of people line up and get ready to race, once the bulls are freed they run as fast as they can as to not get trampled by the bulls. This tradition originally started as a way to gather the bulls in the bull ring, and originally you ran behind the bulls. However over the years it became a sport of running away from the bulls. (Sanfermin.com, 2015)
The temple structure is dated to the Romans and Greeks in the 1st century BC. Dendera was a place of worship, the goddess Hathor was believed to be the goddess of healing and a great source of nourishment. The temple was used as a hospital where magical therapies were practiced. Within the temple there is a sacred lake and a Christian church. The main temple consists of very detailed astrological calendars carved into the roof. (Martain Grey 1982-2014)
Kushary is a meal is believed to have been introduced to Egypt earlier than WW11 .The meal was first written in a famed Muslim traveler in the fourteenth century .This meal was warned away as street food. Kashary is a food for “protein enrichment”. The way that kushary is made is pieces of spaghetti, rice, lentils, thinly sliced browned onion, flavored by samma a clarified butter. (Clifford A.Wright 1991-2015)
Arabic is the official language spoken in the Middle Eastern country. Egypt population is mostly made up of Sunni Muslim religion. There is also minimal Coptic Christians and Jewish religion. Egyptians have a very kind, helpfully nature and will stop to help any tourist looking for directions. Egyptians have a strong bond with all family members; not only direct family but all extend family. Most business is closed Fridays for what is referred to as holy day.(Amelia Allonsy 2004)

The Helix Bridge is a 280 metre Pedestrian Bridge it is one of the longest in Singapore it features the world’s first “double Helix” structure with the concept of the yin and yang. The Helix Bridge was opened in April 2010 and was designed by Cox Group from Brisbane. The Helix Bridge connects Marina Bay to Marina Centre, this structure has become a landmark within Singapore. The Helix Bridge is made of metal and has tiny lights that cover the Bridge all the way around and lights that shoot upwards on the pathway to give a full visual effect at night-tme. (world building directory 2010)
Lunar Festivals are also known as Chinese New Year this festival begins on the first day of the Chinese calendar year and normally is celebrated till the 15th day on the calendar, this is normally the most anticipated festival for the Asian culture. During this time the Streets in Singapore's Chinatown becomes a festival full of lights and Asian decorations as well as the very important Lion dance that features Lions and Dragons, these are a giant costumes that have a train of people to hold it up as it dances down the festive streets. These two animals are very important to the Asian culture.(Your Singapore 2014)
Singapore is becoming known for having some of the best food in South Asia. Eating in Singapore whether it be at the markets, a restaurant or in the family home Singaporeans like to eat at the same time and all dishes are shared amongst family and friends. Even though Singapore has many dishes that are loved by all Chilli Crab is one of Singapore’s favourite and well known dishes, as Singaporeans love to have their curries and spicy foods this is one of the curry dishes that does not have coconut through it. (SBS Foods 2013)
Sources Blurb
Welcome to Team 4’s Prezi on travel. Please join us as we travel to three continents and five different countries.
Whist travelling to the five countries chosen by Team 4 we will discover a little about each countries Landmarks, Cuisine and Culture.
Firstly we travel to the continent of Europe and visit England and Spain. We then travel to Africa where we visit Egypt. The last continent we visit is Asia where we visit Yemen and Singapore.
Hopefully after viewing Group 4’s presentation, you will feel like Johnny Cash and be able to say, “I’ve been everywhere.”

Bab al-Yemen (The Gate of Yemen)
Sana’a is the capital city of Yemen it is surrounded by ancient city walls with few entry points the main one being Bab al-Yemen. Originally built with hand-made bricks 2500 years ago, the gates were shut at night to safeguard the city (no longer done). On the inside walls there are large rusty nails which would display the cut off hands of thieves until about 10 years ago. (Arabian voyages, 2014)

Yemen cuisine varies between districts , mostly chicken and lamb are eaten and in coastal areas fish. Dairy products are used rarely. Saltah is the national dish and is made from rice, eggs and vegetables. Khamira (home-made bread) is important to Yemen cuisine. Favourite beverages are tea, Naque'e Al Zabib (cold raisin drink) and a little coffee. (Arabian voyages, 2014)
Yemen culture is based on Arab customs. The eldest male being the head of the household and the decision maker most households are made up of extended family members. Women are secondary citizens, being responsible for raising children preferably sons (circumcised after birth) and working the land. The birth of a son is a highly celebrated event in Yemen. Female genital mutilation is still practiced in Yemen. Nearly all marriages are arranged at a very young age with Mahr (price paid by groom’s father) still in practice. (Britannica.com, 2014)
Unfortunately that is the end of group 4’s Prezi on travel. We hope that you enjoyed your trip around the globe and can now tell everyone what you have learned about the three continents and five countries we visited. We hope that during your travels you learnt about the culture, cuisines and Landmarks of Europe, Africa and Asia and can say you have been everywhere. Perhaps after this journey you will visit England’s Globe theatre, or be in the mood for some tortilla Espanola from Spain. Perhaps you could visit Egypt’s Dendera, or got to Asia and taste some Saltah or Singapore chilli crab. Thankyou for travelling with us.

For team four's assignment we have all used Metzger (2007) guidelines to check if a website is credible. In doing this there were questions that we had to ask ourselves from this checklist about these websites we were seeking information from for example: is the information current? Are the views presented as facts or opinions? What are the author’s goals/objectives for posting the information and to see if there are any contact information for the person/organisation who is in charge of the website? Metzger’s (2007) guidelines has helped us find facts and further credible sites to find further information for this assignment.
(Amy, Jess, Kerrie, Mel & Steve)
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