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The Journey of Titanic

No description

Guillermo Guerrero

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of The Journey of Titanic

John White was born in London, England. His family were middle class people. He was a Journalist in Cranbook, which is near London.
It was the biggest boat they have ever made
The beginning of John White
The Bording Pass
In the middle of the night John could not sleep. He decided to go on for a walk. In that moment he saw that the crew members were yelling ice berg ahead. As the Titanic past, John saw everything happen. Not knowing what just happen he carried on.
Brace for Impact
The last moment John know he was in trouble. Knowing that there was only
16 life boats
and they were only leading women and children first. John decited to jump in the freezing water. In the last moment His last words were help.
The Last Moment
The Titanic set of on
April 12, 1912
on a long voyage to
New York
. John was excited and saw many different people. He was fascinated on this amazing boat that was unsinkable.
On to New York
The Journey of Titanic
By: Guillermo Guerrero
John was sent on a trip on business on the Titanic. For the first time he was leaving where he came from. John boss paid everything off. He was about to join the
2,201 passengers on the Titanic
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