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Copy of Maggi - Brand Audit

All about how Maggi as a brand has performed over the years and the current scenario .


on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Maggi - Brand Audit

Whats cooking
* Launched smaller SKU in form of small packs at lower price points

* 50 gm Maggi @ Rs 5

* Same strategy was replicated for other Nestle products like Nescafe, Kitkat, Bar One etc.

* Maggi discontinued their Pickles in 2002 as they didn’t perform well

* Other brands like Ruchi, Mother’s recipe etc. were also fairing poorly in this market
Current Scenario
So far so good...
* Maggi 2 Minutes Noodles launched in 1982 in India

* Tried to create instant food category targeted at working women

* Research proved children are the largest segment

* Positioned as “Convenience Product” for women, “Fun” for children

* Tag Line: Fast to Cook Good to Eat

* High brand awareness of tag lines “Mummy, bhook lagi hai”, “Bas 2-minute”

Market Leader
Brand Loyalty
Distribution Channel
Innovative Flavors and Indian taste
Advertising Strategy
Heavily dependent on Noodles category
Low rural market presence
Uniform brand for all food category.
* Increasing Working Youth population

* Growing Packaged and Canned Food Market in India

* Brand leverage in other Snacks and Food category like Biscuits, Chips
* Highly Competitive Segments

* Price War

* Not perceived as healthy Product
( Maggi Noodles and Pasta)
CBBE Analysis

* 30 years with same brand elements
* Maggi Jinngle, strongest brand recall
*Advertising technique
Result:: Maggi = Noodles in India
Brand Salience

* Performance parameters: Time convenience, Ease in cooking, Taste, healthiness

* Brand Imagery: Focus on “usage situation”

* common man in a typical Indian household with ample activity and feel-good factor of people enjoying their beloved maggi.

Result:: High on performance parameters and positive image
Performance & Imagery

* Obvious solution of many problems - time , money , hunger, attachment

* Feeling dimensions attached with maggi is fun, smile, taste, uniqueness of maggi
Judgments and feelings

* “What about you (Consumers) and me (maggi) ?”

* Answer is “Me and Meri Maggi”

* Using Celebrity endorser for first time.

* Showing examples of real people to create a sense of ‘The Maggi Community’
Facebook page of Maggi noodles
* Page: Meri Maggi

* Present Member Count: 1,227,566 likes

* People Talking About the Page: 69,218 (5.6%)

* Launched: December 22, 2010

That is: High Customer Engagement:
* Fans throughout the country and beyond borders post their own versions of Maggi

* Interactive games/applications called MAGGI Rumble, My own Maggi pack 160+ monthly users

* Current game: Biggest Maggi fan
* Maggi continuously tries and succeeds in changing its strategy in anticipation of changing customer needs
* Big B successfully fits in the advertisements by becoming the narrator/storyteller & this ad campaign has been taken forward on Facebook as an FB App.
Having an R&D Centre close to the Nestlé India Head Office will bring Research and Development closer to Businesses, and reflects the Nestlé spirit of R&D-Business partnership towards developing ‘Winning’ concepts, suited to the local consumer. It will help Nestlé R&D to bring out strong localised concepts that are in accordance with the Nestlé Group thrust on ‘affordable Nutrition, Health and Wellness’’

- Ms. Shivani Hegde

Chairperson, R&D, Nestle, India
MAGGI would stick to the “2-minute” tagline which results in BRAND RECOGNITION and TOP OF THE MIND RECALL for MAGGI
Top Ramen
Sunfeast's Yipee
Wai Wai Noodles
Kissan Ketchup

* Roped in Shah Rukh Khan as the brand ambassador

* positioning as Smoodles
* Choice of variety of masala

* promises that they can even be had after some time
* Controlled 70 per cent of the market in eastern India
Maggi Noodles had 90.7% share in December '09, the share dropped to 86.5% in July '10 on an all-India basis.
Source : Economic times
* Kissan has 41 % market share

* HUL distributed over 25 lakh tomato seeds in Mumbai and Delhi through sachets stuck to the morning newspaper

* boosted its ketchup sales by 120 basis points.
Source : http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/features/brandline/article3493817.ece
* Heinz also coming up in market share

* Focus on Point of purchase display
Designed by : Gaurav Arora
We are Group -5
Aaina Aggarwal - 201001
Anirudh Mundra - 201016
Anubhav Gujral - 201020
Ankit Khanduja - 201017
Dhruv Bansal - 201036
Gaurav Arora - 201040
Harsh Arora - 201048
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