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The princess bride westley

No description

Ryan Hughes

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The princess bride westley

The Heroic Journey of Westley In the Princess Bride By Ryan Hughes Background of Westley Westley and Buttercup Westley and Prince Humperdink Westley and Inigo Montoya and Fezzik Westley and Vizzini He is one of the main characters in the Princess Bride and started off as a farm boy.
He is loved by Buttercup (another main character) but he does not love her back... at first, because he is journeying to the "U.S."
He is a very courageous, intelligent and strong character
In the end he comes back and loves buttercup
Comes back as the man in black and does not disclose who he is The significance of Buttercup to Westley is that she is a loved one by Westley and given protection from him. She also gives something in return by putting him in danger because she is being hunted when they reunite. The way he protects her and the way he is in danger for her gives Westley a greater chance of dying, which happens, but not for long. This shows that even though Buttercup is bringing danger with her, Westley still cares for her and protects her the same way. This gets at the idea of true love, which buttercup did not want from the start and it also shows a great amount of trust between the two because Buttercup knows she is being chased and trusts the man in black for help. The reason these two impact each other is because Westley is trying to save Buttercup and the Prince is trying to kill her. The significance is they are opposites that have an unseen battle going on for most of the story. But then they have a "seen" battle at the end and Westley kills Humperdink. This significance shows how they put themselves and others in danger for Buttercup. Westley is affected by Inigo and Fezzik when they have their individual battles. Westley ends up defeating Inigo and Fezzik, but spares their lives. That is significant to the second part of their relationship. That second part is when Westley is captured and tortured to death by humperdink. This leads Inigo and Fezzik to go save him. That is the significant part and it is significant because if Inigo and Fezzik's lives had not been spared they would not have been able to save Westley in the end. The saving of Westley was even more important to the book overall because he then saved Buttercup from dying. Ultimately this shows how Westley gives mercy. The relationship between Westley and Vizzini is also important because Vizzini was with Buttercup when Westley came along and Vizzini was threatened by Westley to give Buttercup to him. His battle was fought in a mind game. Sadly Vizzini does not choose the right cup and dies so he could not help Inigo and Fezzik rescue Westley, but Westley puts his own life at risk for the savor of Buttercup because he put poisonous powder in both cups. In conclusion this shows how sometimes even being the best at something does not always help sometimes it is just who prepared more.
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