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Similarities and Differences between the Incas and Aztecs

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morgan burnham

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of Similarities and Differences between the Incas and Aztecs

Similarities and Differences between the Incas and Aztecs
Both the Incas and Aztecs believed in and worshipped the sun god. They both practiced and participated in human sacrifices. And had built large temples to do the sacrifices in and had built special temples to worship thier god. The Incas and Aztecs had a polytheistic religion meaning they only beilved in one god. The kings of the Incas and the Aztecs were seen as gods and were widely respected.
The Inca and Aztec empires were very similar. They were based on managing resources and goods, and the economy was centered around their agriculture. The Incas and the Aztecs were orgianlly clan based but they grew into thriving empires. Both civilizations were also based off of earlier civilizations before them.
The spanish had conquered both the Inca and Aztec empires. although the Incas and Aztecs had advanced technology and weapons they could not keep the Spanish out. The spanish introduced diseases that the Incas and Aztecs were not immune to. The Spanish also brought over guns which the empires had not yet inbented and built. so in the end the Spanish had conquered both empires.
Differences Government.
The Inca government was very strict since they had such an established rul, it made it MUCH harder and tool a lot longer for Pizzaro to defeat them. Aztecs have more control over the conquered people, many of them were eager to fight for Cortez against the Aztecs which helped lead to their decline.
Differences Society
Aztecs had more craftspeople (artisans, merchants) and therefore more diverse social classes, leadinging to specialization. Aztecs had individual advancement based on military ability. Incas had little social mobility because the Incans had a totalitarian government, in order to keep control over people, the leader had to limit their mobility. Also since the government rquired 2/3 of the crop, most people were stuck being farmers and had little time/resources to learn and use new skills/craft.
Differences Economy
Currency for Aztecs was cacao beans, cloth, or salt. Currency for Incas was miined gold. When Incans farm , 2/3 is given to tax and redistributed. Aztecs bartered for other goods. Since the Incas didn't have as many merhcants or artisans, there economy was more heavily focused on agriculture. Since their food wasn't sold, but was rather redistributed by the government, this led to much less trade than in the Aztec civilization, since the Aztecs actually traded and bartered for other things.
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