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What are the benefits of being Greek?

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Jessica Green

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of What are the benefits of being Greek?

Jessica Green What skills could someone obtain by being involved in a Greek letter organization that you can use post graduation? Introduction Research Methods Expected Conclusions Bibliography Limitation of the Study Conceptual Description of Study Concepts include:
Greek letter societies teach a set of skills that can lead to success.
How those skills can lead to success. Literature Review Theories and ideas include many Greek letter organizations can enrich the college experience both academically and socially and have positive outcomes more so than negative ones.
Other methods people have used in this research are looking at the statistics of the correlation of incidents on college campuses and Greek letter organizations and many have observed through the perspective of Greeks what is the positives and negatives.
Current similar research is showing the cognitive connections as well as the connections of how Greek letter organizations enrich the learning environment
The contribution to my research proved positive being able to see further research and the connection of how Greek letter organizations can be a positive experience more than a challenge to that academic environment. Purposive sampling
Snowball sampling Purpose: To show that being involved in a Greek letter organization can teach students a set of skills that they can use to be successful post graduation.
Questions: What skills do students obtain while involved in a sorority/fraternity? How do those skills help you become successful? What are some good examples of people who have become successful using those skills?
Goal: To find direct correlation between successful Greeks and the skills they obtained from the experience of being Greek.
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