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Developing Transition from Primary School

The focus is on the transition from primary school and how St Paul's Academy use sport to facilitate this adjustment

Michael Donnelly

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of Developing Transition from Primary School

Developing Transition from Primary School Short Biography... Michael Donnelly
27 Years Old
PE Degree - St Mary's University, Belfast
PGCE Qualification - University of Exeter
Secondary PE with Primary Specialism
Joined St Paul's Academy April 2009
Gaelic games development
SSCo role SHARING GOOD PRACTICE IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION & SPORT TASK It is a Sunday evening and you are about to start a new job on Monday morning. You won't know anyone when you start. You don't know what to expect. In one word, sum-up how you might be feeling emotionally... Positive Negative How do we at St Paul's Academy use sport as a tool for facilitating transition from Primary School? Session Focus... Can be an overwhelming experience
Some children may take it in their stride
Many will find it difficult to cope Transition... ADAPTING TO CHANGE IS NOT A STRAIGHTFORWARD PROCESS "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change." Charles Darwin, Author of The Theory of Evolution Discuss with a partner for 30 seconds... THE BIG QUESTION... How do we respond to these emotions and cater for the needs of the children? EXAMPLE Primary School Visits
Currently 7 primary schools involved
Visits are built into PE Timetable
Sports Department Organise & Deliver
Rolling programme twice weekly
Each school allocated 4-week blocks Regular Inter-school Competitions
Currently 12 primary schools involved
Atleast 1 competition every half-term
So far this academic year:
- Tag Rugby (Rugby)
- Sportshall Athletics (Mixed)
- Boys Football (7-a-side)
- Girls Football (7-a-side)
- Boys Gaelic Football (9-a-side)
- Girls Gaelic Football (9-a-side) RANGE
INITIATIVES Holiday Sport Schemes
- Easter (1 week)
- Summer (3 weeks)
Organised & Delivered by the Sports Department
Specifally targeting children in years 4, 5 & 6
Free places offered to those children on free school meals
Funded by the cluster Primary School Link Teacher
Martin McGrath
Employed by St Paul's Academy
Represents our school in local community
Works in primary schools 5 days per week
Supports the development of sport within primary schools Gaelic Football Club
Every Saturday during Spring & Summer terms
St Paul's Academy
Organised & delivered by the Sports Department
Promoted by Martin McGrath within primary schools Sports Days
All primary schools are offered this opportunity
We provide the venue and assistance
Another opportunity to familiarise children with the school BTEC Sport Leaders
Year 11 Group (Mixed)
Regular visits to the local primary schools
Forms part of their BTEC Sport course
Leaders plan activities for the children
Niall McCann and Martin McGrath manage this project
Opportunity to develop role models QUESTIONS... FEEDBACK CONCLUSION
Do these particular initiatives work?
Would they work in another setting?
Transition: not a straightforward process
Adopt strategies to facilitate transition
Physical Education & Sport can take lead
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