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How to Read Literature Like a Professor

English Project

mike breton

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of How to Read Literature Like a Professor

How to Read Literature Like a Professor
By: Mia Ford and Mike Breton Chapter 2 "Nice to Eat With You: Acts of Communion" 3.Complete this sentence about communion: "Breaking bread together is an act" of what? “Breaking bread together is an act of sharing and peace,since if you’re breaking bread you’re not breaking heads.” 4. Why does Foster assert that a meal scene in literature is almost always symbolic? He talks about how meal scenes in literature are really difficult to write, because they can come off as very boring to the reader, so the author usually includes some symbolism in the meal. Foster believes that this symbolism can be portrayed through how the characters get along or don’t get along in the meal scenes. 5.List the things, according to Foster, that eating in literature can represent.

The relationships between people

An expression of desire (Tom Jones by Henry Fielding)

Equality between the people (“Cathedral” by Raymond Carver)

Bond of community (“Cathedral” by Raymond Carver)

The bonding of a past loved one (Dinner at the Homesick restaurant by Anne Tyler)

How we all share something in common; life and death

How we’re all united through the theme of life and death (“The Dead" by James Joyce) An example in literature is In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry is sent an admission letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When he finally able to read the letter (after many attempts of his aunt and uncle trying to destroy the letters) he finds out he is a wizard. H is later taken by Hagrid to the Diagon alley and the Hogwarts. He is later sorted into his school house (Gryffindor) where he meats two new friends Hermione Granger and Ron Wesley. He is treated to a tremendous feast and gains some new friends. The symbolic scene in this movie shows that by get along with new people can help gain new friends. 7. Think of an example of a Negative "communion" scene in a book you have read or a movie you have seen. Describe the scene its symbolic meaning. in "Pirates of the Caribbean On stranger tides" Captain Jack Sparrow is captured by a British King wanting to know is he is in possession of a map. He claims that he has lost it recently. The King then complains the Spanish have found the Fountain of youth and he does not want Spanish to gain eternal life before them. One of his subjects then asks Jack if he knows where the fountain is, Jack replies yes and the kings subject then tells jack that he will guide an expedition. Jack then tells the king that he will be in the need of a ship and a crew. The king then replies "and a captain". Then Captain that he was mentioning is none other than Barbossa (an old enemy of Jack). Jack then finds a way to escape and ruins the feast by running on top of all the food. This is symbolic because this movie shows how two different countries don't get along and want to out due one another. Main Ideas Of Chapter 2
One of the main idea portrayed in this book is that "a meal is not always a meal and eating is with other is not always eating with others" ( Foster pg. 7).
Another main idea is eating with others is not always to be with someone you like but also someone that you want to be on your good side.
Another main idea is that writing a communion is actually a hard thing to do. 6. Think of a positive "communion" scene in a book or a movie you have seen. Describe the scene and explain it symbolic meaning.
In "Baby Mama", Tina Fey walks into the local smoothie shop frequently, because the guy that she thinks is cute works there. Whenever she orders a smoothie, they always flirt with each other when they talk about how funny the smoothie names are. The smoothie is a way for her to bond with this guy she has a crush on, and eventually the flirting and bonding leads to their successful relationship. The symbolic meaning behind these smoothie scenes is that she is not just buying and drinking these smoothies because she enjoys them, but she is buying them so she can get closer to the employee.
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