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Roman entertainment

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on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Roman entertainment

Roman Theater and Entertainment What did Colesseum look like? Every floor of the Colosseum had eighty arches. There were four arches used as main entrances and the seventy-six other arches were
used as easier entrances. The columns in the Colosseum were of Doric and Corinthian style. The arena where the fights took
place was made of wood with a
blanket of yellow sand. The arena
had two different entrances. Under the arena's floor were animal's cages and lifts that were used to raise the animals to the arena. Most of the ancient city is 8-15 meters below the present day city but the colblestones in the Colosseum are the same ones from ancient Roman times. Fun Fact! What activities took
place at the Colosseum? The Colosseum (a.k.a The Arena of Death) was a place ancient Romans would
go to watch killing and bloodshed for entertainment. Gladiators would battle
each other to death in the arena Men would brawl
with animals
lifted from
trap doors
The Colosseum's arena would be
filled up with water and gladiators
fought sea battels on ships. What would we want
to see in the Colosseum
if we lived in Rome,
why, and what we
wouldn't like to see. We would not prefer to see the gladiator fights because they are very bloody and there's several deaths. We don't think it's fair that certain people have to put their lives on the line for other people's entertainment. We would like to see the
water battles the most, because
those seem the least violent but
interesting. What else did the Roman's
do for entertainment? The Theater The Roman theater was mainly copied from the Greeks. At first the shows at the theater were performed during religious festivals. Tickets were free but were not always available.
These plays usually were about people like clever slaves, daft old men, and kidnapped heiresses. Mimes ancient Romans created miming mimes would dance and mime Greek legends miming was a type of comedy mimes could talk during their performance women were allowed to act mimes masks were not worn in miming The Theatre generally had no roof and was open. Some theaters could hold up to 9,000 people. At the back of the stage was a wall that held three door and was also decorated with statues and columns.
Only men could act in the stage shows, so actors had to wear heavely decorated masks. These masks would suggest the type of person the actor was playing. The mask could depict many different sorts of characters including women. Romans favored comedies over tragedies and the plays usually had a cheerful ending.
Circus Maximus The Circus Maximus was a huge, oval shaped track that could seat 250,000 at one time. This stadium was created to hold chariot races. Watch the races was a favorite type of entertainment for many. The people who veiewed the races would bet on the faction (team) they thought would win. The teams were each represented by a color. Usually 2-4 horses would pull a chariot, but occasionally for camels, dogs, or ostriches woul lead the chariot around the course for entertainment purposes. By: Madi, Alison, and Mariana
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