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Razor Invesments - Computershare Valuation

No description

Nathan Adler

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Razor Invesments - Computershare Valuation

Computershare Valuation

Competitive Advantage

Market leader, experienced and trusted

Low costs

Strong, consistent revenue streams

Internally generated services
Investment Risks

Opportunity cost of Investment

Low rates promote investment

Investment Risks
Foreign Exchange Risk
Investment Risks
2013 FY Revenue Breakdown

Sensitivity: Factors Tested Independently
Sensitivity: Factors Tested Simultaneously
Extreme Case Thresholds
Extreme Case Thresholds
High leverage company – funding acquisitions and expansion

Increase in leverage

Improvement in Credit Rating: A+ to AAA

Industry-Specific Risks

Firm-Specific Risks
CPU & S&P/ASX200
Over 70% maret share in US
Over 50% for Aus, NZ and UK
Computershare is well placed to take advantage of improving economic conditions.
Operational Costs
Nathan Adler
Zach Barnao
Justin Becker
Kusuv Bhandari
Daniel Bui

Consistent and strong earnings growth:

Expansion into Business Services sector - fastest growing revenue stream

Expansion into emerging markets – Asia

Increasing EBIT Margin – lower controllable costs:

Cost synergies

Cost management strategies

Cash flow fundamentals are cyclical are international

Competitive and regulated industry

Bold investment Strategies
1. Business Overview
2. Investment Risks
3. Financials
4. Valuation
5. Recommendation
Razor Investments
Business Overview
Business Overview
State of Play
Business Overview
Business Overview
Market Position
Business Overview
Interest Rate Risk
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