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Cherami - Who we are

A presentation on Cherami Ltd. Who we are what we do, and the service we offer.

Horatio Sutton

on 17 July 2012

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Transcript of Cherami - Who we are

Who or what do you want to track? We are the number one tracking solution provider in the Caribbean. We provide various solutions and services that give companies in a wide range of industries an end-to-end visibility into their operations.
Our solutions will maximize performances, automate processes, enhance safety, provide real-time information and logistics. We provide technology to track vehicles, containers, documents, tools, assets and environmental factors. Green Solutions We develop solutions using low-power, wireless sensor networks for Oil and Gas Industries , Water Management, Hydrographics and Meteorology and numerous other applications. We focus on delivering solutions - not just products. Document Tracking Our WAVES (RFID tracking) solutions can be used to track all documents effortlessly and automatically throughout your organization. Tool and Asset Tracking Container and Vehicle GPS Tracking We understand the specific management needs that our GPS tracking and Fleet Management Solutions can provide for the safety of your loved ones or the protection of your assets. Our devices allows you to remotely track any asset of importance. Customers Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Coast Guard Regiment HQ Vehicles Ministry of Works and Transport Numerous Security Companies Numerous Distribution Companies Live Demo
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