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Lock and Demosthenes: Ender's Game

No description

Vienna Thongrasmy

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Lock and Demosthenes: Ender's Game

Lock and Demosthenes: Ender's Game
Locke and Demosthenes' biography

Locke and Demosthenes' philosophies

Why Peter and Valentine chose those two names as pseudonyms.
2 Philosophers:
What We will Cover:
John Locke:

Studied medicine at Oxford
Wrote many influential essays
Was a widely-known politician and philosopher
Power lies within the people
Calls for separation of church and state

Encourages us to think for ourselves and not rely on others' opininions

Supports religious tolerance
384-322 BC
Led citizens of Athens to rebel against Macedonia
Overcame his speech impediment
Had a love for democracy.
Had a hatred of tyrannical government.
Chose to poison himself instead of being killed by the enemy
Demosthenes and Valentine
Both are leading a huge historical political event.
Both can arguably manipulate people to get what they want.
Both struggle to fight an internal battle.
Both despise tyrannical figures.
Both would rather die than be conquered by the enemy.
Locke and Peter
Have unique, new ideas.
Both are very smart
Find their way into politics.
Interested in the way humans think.
Hold some sort of power among others.
The End
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