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Colubia information

Brandon O'Brien

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of Columbia

Columbia Project
By:Brandon O'Brien
D-Block American Government Type of Governement
Size- 1,138,914 sq km Resources:
Natural Gas, Coal, Gold, Emeralds Republic of Colombia Executive branch dominates government structure. Official Lanuage:
Spanish Religion:
Roman Catholic 90 percent President Juan Manuel Santos Calderon Constitution-
5 July 1991 Current Political Parties Alternative Democratic Pole Colombian Conservative Party Liberal Party Chief of Mission in US Ambassador Gabriel Silva Lujan Cheif of Mission for US Ambassador William R. Brownfield Population 44,205,293 Pop. Growth 1.184% Life Expectancy 74.31 years GDP $407.5 billion Per Capita Income $9,300 Population below Poverty Line 46.8% Unemployment Rate 12% Inflation Rate 4.2% Exports Petroleum, Coffee, Coal, Emeralds, Apparel Imports Industrial Equipment, Fuels, paper Products, Electricity Import Partners US- 30.61
China- 10%
Mexico- 8% $37.56 Billion $31.48 Billion Current Issues Drugs:
Cocaine, Opium, Cannabis U.S. policy towards Colombia supports the Colombian Government�s efforts to strengthen its democratic institutions, promote respect for human rights and the rule of law, intensify counter-narcotics efforts, foster socio-economic development, address immediate humanitarian needs, and end the threats to democracy posed by narcotics trafficking and terrorism. US Policy Toward Colombia I support Obama's position on Colombian politics and I think that he could make more efforts to decrease the trafficing on the illegal drugs. Headlines Colombia asked US for intelligence on Venezuela: WikiLeaks
Colombia asked the U.S. for a "continued intelligence exchange on Venezuela" in 2008, diplomatic documents released by WikiLeaks revealed Friday.

Colombia asked the U.S. for a "continued intelligence exchange on Venezuela" in 2008, diplomatic documents released by WikiLeaks revealed Friday.

Violence in Country/ Illegals UN announces aid for Colombian rainy season victims
The United Nations announces that it will give $6 million in aid over the next three months to help the victims of Colombia's harsh rainy season, on the organization's website.
Colombians abroad send less money home
Colombia's Ministry of Economic Development reports that since 2008 there has been a steady decrease in remittances that Colombian's abroad are sending to their families at home.
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