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Research an artist- Andrew Chase

No description

Ricky Lao

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Research an artist- Andrew Chase

Research an artist- Andrew Chase
Andrew Chase is a well-known sculptor and photographer who’s based in Salt Lake, USA. He is famous for his metal sculptures of large animals and also makes furniture. His works include large metal sculptures of a Gorilla, T-rex and a elephant.
Andrew chase grew up around Boston and when he turned 19, he moved to Utah to be a whitewater craft guide. He attended school there to attend school, he then lived there ever since. His interested in art developed when he was 15.
He started creating these amazing sculptures for about 10 years now, and he stated photography for 24 years.
About his work
Example 1- T-rex
A T-rex made from recycled car parts.
Example 2- Cheetah
This cheetah is made out of recycled car parts and electrical conduits and weighs 22.68kg.
As like all his other work, it is quite large in size and is all metallic with no additional paint. By not adding additional colour, it allows it to be fully captures the amazing streampunk sculpture and how well made it is. The horse was accurately built to replicate the movement and shape of a real horse. The realism of this sculpture was created by the balance of objects used in the sculpture and creates a sense of stability.
His metal sculptures are made of old plumbing parts, sheets of steel, car parts and electrical conduits. His sculptures are approximately 36" x 36" x 18" and weighs about 39kgs.
He starts creating these sculptures by matching the animal to a particular machinery. Such as a giraffe as a crane and elephant as a forklift.
Example 3- Elephant
Example 4- Giraffe
61cm x 127cm
91cm x 91cm x 36cm
Can reach 183cm tall



91.44cm x 274cm
The elephant is made out of electrical conduits, plumbing parts and car parts and it took 100 hours to make. The ears and the trunk are both maneuverable
The giraffe is made of recycled car parts, plumbing parts and electrical conduits. The whole giraffe is fully functional.
"I'm definitely interested in creating a cohesive body of work in which each animal/sculpture fits into a larger alternate reality. I'm also fascinated and inspired by robots and intricate machinery of all kinds. So, a bit of both I'd say."
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