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ebrahem anwar

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Utopia village
seeking for Perfect life
Our Vision
Our Mission
The Solution
The Problem
Our Impact
To Make Our Nation In The Lead Between Nation And Make People Fell In Pace IN there Country Egypt
To Find Problems And Find The Cure For It In Our City
By Using The Spirit Of Youth And Use Knowledge To help People And Spreading Positive Spirit
We found that in fayoum we have the poorest villages in Egypt we choose one of them &it’s name “
Smyda Salah
“ from research we found that the people in the village suffering from a lot of diseases because the bad water ,a lot of widowed women ,and divorced women , they have a big problem in employment & they suffer from lack of services in the village
Teaching People How To raise Animals Like Rabbits, Goats
Teaching Sewing & making small factory for women clothes
Bio gas And Composite
rising chickens
wax project
Economic Factors
Social Factors
Environmental Factors
Who is Your Target Audience?
What is The need of
your target audience??
Our future Plan
we will make a composite unite and bio gas unite to generate electricity to the village
Our Mission
sewing workshop "hope"
We opened a new market
and anew businesses
in the village
We made women to find
a way to earn money
We didn’t harm the environment&
we will use
the wastes of animals in fertilizing plants
People who have nothing
to depend on
for getting money for their day life
Especially women
Depending on themselves for Getting Money
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