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Games Create 09


Jim Thompson

on 4 December 2009

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Transcript of Games Create 09

Games Create
Games create interesting tensions by their very being even though they are essentially valueless
The development of innovative and exciting new games seems to be a tricky business!
We (the consumer) appear to enjoy innovative and new games, but the industry seems to have trouble getting new ideas off the ground.
What's the problem?
"Industry admits decline in New IP"
"EA going cold on new IP"
Develop 27.8.09
Develop 10.11.09
Unreal Development Kit, provided free, reaches 50,000 downloads!
David Braben, chairman of Frontier Developments and spokesperson for the Games Up? campaign, said: “The games development sector is a jewel in the crown of the UK economy made up of a large number of creative and highly-skilled people. However, we are facing a serious decline in the quality of graduates looking to enter the industry. The dearth of maths, physics and computer science graduates is hitting us hard along with other core UK industries. The problem is compounded by the quality of so called specialist games degree courses. 95% of video gaming degrees are simply not fit for purpose. Without some sort of common standard, like Skillset accreditation, these degrees are a waste of time for all concerned."
Still only six accredited courses
Still no Games Design accreditation!
‘Developers must aid academia, not bitch about it’
Enda Carey at Develop Liverpool 2009
"Five years to change a course?"

....Give me 5 minutes!
(c) Dan Avenell
UK businesses can stay ahead of their global rivals by drawing on the country's world-leading design capabilities, says former Design Council Chairman George Cox's Review of Creativity in Business
Promoting Innovation
Training new games designers
Games Create
Creating better games

Creating a better industry
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