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Starry Night Collective Annual Art Auction

No description

Jessica Frantzen

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Starry Night Collective Annual Art Auction

Starry Night Collective
Annual Student Art Auction and Ceremony Results from 2011
"A Minnesota Market through the Ages"

- Auction sales = $1,749.50
- Plant sales = $356
- Craft sales = $95.50
- And donations!!!! http://www.starrynightcollective.org/ http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Starry-Night-Collective/410763354055 Who? All ZED South Campus students
Silent art auction and ceremony
graduation and SOY
When? Friday, June 1st 6pm
Where? Here at South Campus!
In and outdoors (hopefully!)
Credit/grades in all classes
50% $ for u!
50% $ to help SNC (non-profit group)
show off your hard work and talents!
it's a very fun eve!!!
How? Any original art, craft, food, woodworking, etc. that you created, can be auctioned/sold Who? Starry Night Collective
What? A non-profit organization to help
provide arts experiences to students with EBD and Autism
music equip
easels, paints, supplies
The Lion King, Comic Book projects
help other setting four programs
When? Started in 2003
Where? Board members meet, projects happen in setting four schools!
Why? Art every day!!!
How? $ donations, annual art auction 2012!
Theme: "The Circle of Life"

Assignment: What does "The Circle of Life" mean to you?

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