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Introduction to Partheas

sheena mahajan

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Partheas

Hey... let me tell you a little bit more about our software company... Start - Up Partheas started in Belgium & India mid 2012
Established in Wolvertem & Hyderabad
Partheas owns 96% of Partheas Technologies
5 partners and a growing number of staff Start - Up With
Experience Experienced foundations
A lot of technical and functional
expertise Our Values: Quality
- Flexibility
- Timing
- Price Via a STRONG TEAM
with STRONG INDIVIDUALS Applying Open Communication
towards CUSTOMERS Organized internationally: REFERENCE PROJECTS: UNID Product development Embedded card-system solution Data management
legal publishing Online magazine via
iPad & Android Online magazine RQS - Engineering Customer & project management from
quote till payment OFFER - 1 Project Development Either
Fixed time / fixed price
Subcontracting for complete projects or parts of projects
Time and material
Subcontracting for complete projects or parts of projects
Project mode
1 or 2 Flemish colleagues
Development team Hyderabad Additional post-delivery services
With or without a support & maintenance clause
Either or not hosted by Partheas Embedded software C / C++ / Embedded
Linux / Windows CE Software development for multiple platforms, in multiple technologies, for various verticals. Mobile Applications IOS / Android /
MonoTouch C# PC Application Web Applications C / C++ / C# TYPO3 / WORDPRESS Enterprise Applications RoR, Python, Java, .Net, PHP OFFER - 2 Out Sourced Departments PARTHEAS
Responsibility CUSTOMER
Responsibility Full control over project
Full authority over staff All legal support
All logistics
All staffing
All training OPTIONAL PACKAGE Specific hard- or software
Specific tooling
Specific profiles BASE PACKAGE Staffing & support
Legal, HR, admin support
Hardware & network (VPN)
(INDIA) Interested ??
Visit our Web site
http://partheas.com/ JuriBook (Start-up) (Start-up)
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