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Blt tuftss

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Belgique

Belgique Capitale Capitale du Belgique est Bruxelles
Brussel dans le n erlandais Population Plus onze millions d'habitants La monnaie Euro Emplacement La Belgique est un pays situé dans l'ouest de Europe Elle est les pays-bas et l'Allemagne au nord et au Luxembourg et la France est au sud, sans oublier la frontière maritime avec la mer du nord. C'est un pays de petite taille, mais la Belgique est particulièrement bien situé dans le nord-ouest de l'Europe. Religion Sur quarante-trois pour cent des Belges francophones se distent Catholiques En Région de Bruxelles-Capitale, les musulmans représentent un tiers de la population Langues Officielles Néerlandais Français Allemand Superficie totale Superficie de 30 528km2 Climat Le climat y est doux en été mais la reste généralement aux a lentours de zero degres en hiver, tempéré et humide. L'Ardenne b n ficie d'un climat semi-continental; et est marquee par une neige plus abondante, resultant de temperatures plus froids. é Traites de Géographique Le pays a un climat tempéré océanique caratérisé par des temperature moderees, des vents dominants, soufflant du secteur ouest, une forte n buosit et des pluies fr quentes et r guli res. é é é é é Major Resources/Products Belgium has much fertile and well-watered soil, although agriculture engages only a small percentage of the workforce The cheif crops are wheat, oats, rye, barley, flax, sugarbeets,vegetables,fruits and Tobacco. Cattle and pig raising as well as dairying, especially in flanders are also imprtant Reliant on services, transportation,trade, industry and coal mining which has declined in recent years Some exports: machinery, equipment, chemicals, diamonds, metals and metal products, and processed foods. Main imports: Machinery, chemicals,raw diamonds, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, transportation equipment, and petroleum products Historical Significance or events Became an Independant country in 1830 1940- Nazi germany invaded Belgium, distrupting life for the peaceful belgians and involving them in world war 2 1998- Belgium became the first tier member of the European Monetary Union and switched from the Belgium Franc to the Euro Early 1840's- Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone in Waloon/Wallonia 1847- Europe's first shopping arcades opened in Brussels 1958- Brussels became the Capitol of the EEC/EU 2004- The Belgian group InBev becomes the worlds 2nd largest producer of Beer! 1912- Jean Neuhaus invented Praline chocolate in Brussels 1929- Herge publishes his first episode of TinTin, one of the worlds most famous comics 1885- The longest tramway line in the world (to this day) was completed along the Belgian coast 1944- The kingdom of Belgium was liberated by the allies Helpful Websites http://evi.com/q/population_of_belgium_in_2013 www.keithm.utvinternet.ie/Belgium.htm http://belgian.currencyname.com/ www.climate-zone.com/climate/belgium www.fr.wikipedia.org www.nationsencyclopedia.com www.infoplease.com www.belgium.be/fr/la_belgique/ www.blurtit.com www.eupedia.com http://thetouristattractions.blogspot.ca é é Major tourism attractions Beautiful architecture, Romantic cruises and delicious food Belgium One of the most beautiful countries of Europe! 1. Brussels- Monuments, Museums and events
2.Antwerp- Medievel town, Remarkable buildings and narrow streets, with intresting comments on historical facts
3.Bruges- Great architectural and artistic treasures from the past, 2 must see places in Bruges... Sanctuary of Beauraing and Caves of Han
4.Dinant- The Citadel, the Collegiate church of Notre-Dame, The Grotto of Dinant and Rocher Bayar are all amazing places that are popular in Dinant
5.Ghent- Is the creative city of music, many festivals and beautiful rivers Thankyou for listening!!!
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