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Social Media 101

Tips for getting started with social media.

Nancy Van Leuven

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Social Media 101

Ready, Aim.... FIRE! Other implications? Here is my business card. It has all my information. Trends and tools you should know, from the FOREST to the TREES “Your brand isn’t what you say it is.
It’s what Google says it is.”
Chris Andersen, The Long Tail FOREST: The increasingly networked global community WHY is this important? Social media is an enterprise-wide mainstay.
(Integrated strategy, not social media strategy) How are companies viewing social media?

74% will significantly increase social media spending

92% not previously using social media are creating major initiatives Top trends:
Word-of-mouth campaigns;
Guerrilla PR
Buzz marketing
Safeguarding brand and reputation Part of larger picture:
Web 2.0 (and 3.0)
Digital "natives" vs. "immigrants" --
Consumers have more control. Definition of Social Media: Any online practice or technology sharing:
opinions; and,
perspectives. Final thoughts: “Here’s some advice on entering the conversation: Loosen up. Lighten up. And shut up for a while….”

- Cluetrain Manifesto Now, for the nine need-to-know media: R.S.S.
(Really Simple Syndication) Reader checks your subscriptions for new work,
downloads updates, bringing all info to you! TREES:
Nine media to know Blogs
Social bookmarks (Delicious, Digg)
Social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
(Really Simple Syndication) Social Bookmarks Social Networks Wikis Subscribe to feeds and RSS checks your subscriptions for new work and acts as an interface to
monitor and read the info. (See "RSS in Plain English" on youtube.com for instructions.) For specifics:
AdAge Power 150
Blog Rolls
Google Blog Search
Technorati Fastest growing and accepted as early warning customer pulse: Comcast, Richard@Dell, Home Depot, Jet Blue, etc. (Psst...use Tweetdeck!) Social and shared = Freedom from our desktops Sharing and discovery = Conversation about content An easy, ongoing, open collaborative process of creation and collaboration that constantly changes the Web site landscape. Wikipedia = the eighth most popular site in the world! Power to share news that's changing the definition of news. Questions? What used to be broadcast
(ABC, CBS, traditional media)
(many individual voices)
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