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Greti Skala

No description

Kennedy Hill

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Greti Skala

a young girl's journey through
the Holocaust Greti Skala 1935 Greti was hospitalized with Typhus Czechoslovakia GERMANS occupy : 1938 persecuting and brutalizing Jews 1944 Move to HUNGARY
(safe haven) the Nazis soon occupy (April 1945) When Greti was 8 years old , she and her mother were taken on a death march to lived a normal life Jewish last name: Bley Parents: Emery and Stefania Bley
Mr. Bley owned the family hardware store. confiscate Mr. Emery's store Emery Bley attained false
baptism documentation new identity: Christian
last name Skala family commutes to Bratislava, Greti starts school. Becomes the top of her class & helps Christian classmates
with their religious lessons Constantly lived in fear. Afraid of
betrayal. Greti's father obtained visas Skalas recognized as Jewish handed over to the Nazis deported to Ravensbruek Bergan-Belsen another concentration camp. LIBERATED
in May 1945 Greti and her mother sent
back "home" to Bratislava She soon died at age nine
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