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Alphabet Soup in the New Deal

What was in the New Deal?

Jennifer Kasey

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of Alphabet Soup in the New Deal

FDIC TVA CCC SEC AAA WPA NLRA SSA Problem- low crop prices causing hardship for farmers Major Provision- paid farmers not to grow crops on a certain amount of land Problem- financial markets unstable due to unregulated activities Major Provisions- new rules regarding stock purchases Problem- unemployment and lack of attention to conserving natural resources Major Provision- employed thousands planting trees and maintaining parks Problem- annual flooding and lack of electricity in the Southeast Major Provision- built numerous dams Problem- banks failing because of withdraws of money Major Provision- provided government guarantee of safety of deposits Problem- senior and disabled citizens facing desperated circumstances Major Provision- provided unemployment insurance and disability payments Problem- labor unions prohibited from collective bargaining to settle disputes with employers Major Provision- legitimized collective bargaining Problem- unemployment; need for new roads and bridges Major Provision- employed thousands building needed public works projects
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