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Socials 10 Canadian History Timeline

A timeline of Canadian history from Chapter 4 to Chapter 7

Bryce Garton

on 17 June 2010

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Transcript of Socials 10 Canadian History Timeline

CHAPTER 4 = 1783 - Founding of the NWC 1810 - Metis Settle in Red River Valley 1670 - Founding of HBC 1812 - Founding of the Selkirk
Settlement 1814 - Pemmican Proclamation 1816 - Battle of
Seven Oaks 1821 - HBC and NWC Merge 1869
- Canada buys Rupert's Land
- Red River Resistance
- Metis List of Rights is created
1870 -Execution of Thomas Scott
-Manitoba enters Confederation
-Louis Riel flees to U.S. Chapter 5 = 1870- North-West territories is created
- Manitoba becomes a province
1871 -Treaty process with First Nations of
Northwest begins
-Canadian Pacific railway company is formed
1872 -Canadian Pacific Railway survey begins 1873 - Pacific Scandal
-Laws of St. Laurent are formalized
-North West Mounted Police is formed 1877 - Treaty Process Ends 1879 - National Policy is enacted 1881 - CPR is incorporated; building begins 1885 - CPR is completed
- Northwest Uprising
- Louis Riel is executed Chapter 6 = 1792 - Captain George Vancouver enters Burrard Inlet
1843 - James Douglas begins construction
of Fort Victoria 1846 - United States take possession of the Oregon Territory south of the 49th parallel 1858 - Colony of British Columbia is formed
-Fraser Canyon War
1860 - Cariboo Gold Rush begins 1862 - Construction of Cariboo Road begins 1864 - Tsilhqot'in Uprising 1866 - Vancouver Island and BC are joined 1868 - Victoria is declared capital of BC 1871 - BC joins confederation 1884 - Vancouver is chosen as the CPR terminus 1885 - Royal Commission on Chinese immigration to BC Chapter 7 = Plain Text 1896 - Wilfred Laurier becomes Prime Minister
1897 - Yukon Gold Rush begins 1898 - First automobiles are imported into Canada from US 1899 - South African War breaks out 1901 - First wireless message is sent across the Atlantic
1903 - Alaska Boundary Dispute settled
1905 - Alberta and Saskatchewan become provinces 1907 - Vancouver riots 1908 - Anne of Green Gables is Published 1909 - First Airplane Flight in Canada Timeline of Canadian
History START FINISH by Bryce Garton
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