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Copy of 100 Montaditos

No description


on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of 100 Montaditos

Los Angeles Miami operation Our expansion strategy is based on our target group and our positioning strategy. Where? High Quality
with Low Price The Academy 300+ Spain 12 years in Expansion -Franchise fast food restaurants totaled $160 billion revenue in 2013. -Decreasing quality perception of fast food. WE ARE tasty quality! We play the X factor

Busy citizens between 21 to 30 still need quick and at a low price meal options.
People looking for a fast food casual service, healthy (Spanish gastronomy) and at the same time a cool place to have some social live meeting friends.
Fast casual restaurant. Social hot spot. Trendy. 4000 new franchises for 2018

Typical Spanish food is unknown by Americans.

The fast food market is growing revenues are growing too.

Positioning ourselves as the only healthy fast food restaurant with a stunning flavor.

We will present typical Spanish products offering free catering. -Big cities with busy universities.

-Our strategy is based on the positioning perception.

-Locating our restaurants at university campuses or popular areas. SWOT POOR San Francisco Spanish franchise conquers the USA. Izan Coomonte
Raul Moreno
J. Carlos Mena
Victor A. Clavería 7000 Fast food restaurants!
Fast-food expenditures per capita: $761.45
$160.000 billion/year.

3 in L.A
3 in San Francisco. The Fast Casual Restaurant Industry emerged as a major player during the recent recessions. Fast food restaurant or franchise generates sales of $670,000 annually. A Healthy Fast Food Franchise Market Share - Bread.
- Jamon serrano.
- Hams and stuffing.
- Spanish Beer. Value proposition -Fast Casual Restaurant Industry -Positive entrance with 10 rest. All food is imported:

100 montaditos is in the fast food sector but doesn´t compete directly with fast food restaurants. We entered into this category because of the price and the waiting time.

We are different from other fast food restaurants for main 2 reasons:

-The sale of alcoholic beverages, wine and beer. No liquors.

-Our emphasis on creating a social meeting point. This is because our X factor is to create a "hot spot" based on creating a social meeting place and be part of the social live of our loyal customers. Segmentation: Targeting Positioning: Problems: Opportunities: Objectives: Recommendations: 6 Restaurants: CONCLUSIONS For people who enjoy food and love socializing, 100 Montaditos offers them typical Spanish food, served fast but in a place thought for customers. Positioning Statement
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