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Ready Player One

No description

Colin McEwen

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Ready Player One

Ready Player One
By: Ernest Cline
inexorably-not able to be changed or stopped

hyperkinetic-A syndrome (mostly in boys) characterized by behavioral and learning disorders.

extroverted-an outgoing, gregarious/sociable person

dilettante-a person who cultivates an area of interest, such as the arts, without real commitment or knowledge

nostalgia-a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past

impregnable-unable to be captured or broken into

James Halliday dies at age sixty seven. Growing up in Ohio, James spent a lot of his childhood playing video games and watching television. As he grew up James made many games with a very close friend, Ogden Morrow. The most famous of the games was called the "Oasis", in which it was like a "virtual utopia" and made billions of dollars from the game. James died lonely with one only one friend, Ogden Morrow. When James died he decided that the person who first solves a hidden puzzle (made up of 3 puzzles) in the "Oasis" would be awarded his wealth. His funneral will be held at a private location in Columbus from 3 to 6:30 P.M.
nickname(s):"Z",Parzival, and Wow

sports,club and activities: chess club and robotics

favorite music and hobbies:80's music and enjoys fixing electronics and playing video games.

most likely to be an electrician
Wade Owen Watts
nickname(s): Shoto

sports, clubs, and activities: karate

famouse quote: "I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating"-Sophocles

favorite music and hobbies:
relaxing music and gaming

most likely to return a favor
This artifact represents the event where Wade becomes friends with Daito and Shoto. Wade gives Daito and Shoto an artifact he found that was very hard to get. Before Wade gave the gift, Daito and Shoto did not really trust him, but after, they trusted Wade a lot more and became friends.
That is all!
Akihide Karatsu
Wade's castle in the "Oasis" symbolizes that he is very rich now, both in the game and in real life.
The prison represents Serrento's fail at trying to win the game and represents his punishments for trying to harm Wade and the others.
James Halliday dies.

Jame's fortune is up for grabs and many people start trying to figure out Jame's puzzle(4).
Wade finds the first part of the puzzle.
Wade becomes famous and starts to have opportunities to make money from sponsorships(118).
Sorrento, a competitor of Wade's, threatens Wade that if he does not help him solve the puzzle, Wade would be killed.
Wade does not help and soon bombs explode in is trailer, luckily he is outside and away from the trailer(145).
The bomb causes Wade to stress out and is nervous of more threats.
Wade moves to Columbus, Ohio to hide and to stay safe(162)
Ogden realizes that Wade, Samantha, and Shoto are still in risk of being found by Sorrento, so Ogden invites them to stay with him for a bit.
Graphic Organizer
Wade and his friends fly to Oregon where they meet Ogden in real life for their first time(323).
James wins the puzzle with the help of his friends.
Wade splits the money amongst them(363).
Graphic Organizer-8 Major Events
James Halliday dies and his wealth is up for grabs (4).
Wade is sent to work because of the debt he is in, but at the same time he develops a plan to defeat Sorrento and win the puzzle(270).
Wade learns that Sorrento murdered Daito in real life and threw him out a building(293).
Wade wins the puzzle and Sorrento is also accused of murdering Datio(367).
Wade solves the first part of the puzzle, and was the first to do it (95).
Wade moves to hide from Sorrento just in case he finds out that Wade is still alive(162).
Wade meets 3 people that finished the first part of the puzzle after him, Samantha, Daito, and Shoto(129).
Sorrento, a competitor threatens them in an act of desperation to try to find out how to solve the first part of the puzzle. Sorrento even blows up Wade's trailer(145).
quote:"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination"-Tommy Lasorda
Passage Master
One surprising event was when Sorrento actually blew up Wade's trailer home. I thought Sorrento needed Wade to help with the puzzle. "'With everything else going on in the world, do you think antone will care about an explosion in some ghetto-trash rat warren in Okalahoma City? They'll assume it was a drug lab accident'"(143).I did not expect him to try to kill Wade because he has to threaten Wade. If you have to threaten someone then then Wade most be very valuable to them or important enought to be hurt.
Since the beginning of the book Wade was always fascinated on James Halliday and his games. I thought this foreshadowed that something about James Halliday would provide Wade tips on the puzzle. "For the past five years, I'd devoted all of my free time to learning as much as I possibly could about James Halliday. I'd exhaustively studied his life, accomplishments, and interests." (52). Many other games were also mentioned as the story went on.
In certain parts of the book I found it confusing because the author often mentioned many games and movies I have never heard of. "I also watched every single film he referenced in the Almanac. If it was one of Halliday's Favorites, like WarGames, Ghostbusters, Real Genius, Better Off Dead, or Revenge of the Nerds, I rewatched it until I knew every scene by heart"(62).
Prezi by
Colin McEwen
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