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The Cheat

an intersting and hauting book, with an incredible and real story

Angela Morales Chica

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of The Cheat

Sarah, Katie, Rob,s Ruby, Jake, Dan and their Parents The Cheat kids at high school they got caught! midterm reports Real-life book Amy Goldman Koss cheating for young people Published in the USA ethical values each chapter tell what each character is thinking what should we do in case of having the answers to an important exam? what would the school do to us? what would our parents do? closest friends true -vs-lie protect them! problems that happen always at school is this love? A critic for Kirkus Reviews called The Cheat "provocative and disturbing," Lynne T. Burke, in a review for Reading Today, concluded that The Cheat "packs a powerful punch." I agree in the way she talk about problems that could happen to everyone, and how she make us realize about what is good and wrong should we trust someone if we just know him/her? should we use other people just to benefit ourselves? "And how about if I hadn't got caught?" we should study and be honest in everythign we do in life! it is an instuctive book. it gives you differnet points of view and it gives you things to tink about. questions about what to do in life, problems in school, honesty... I liked the book because it made me think about how honest we can be and how real friends are. are we ready to trust our parents and to not trust everyone? it happens everywhere
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