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Women In the Culinary Arts

No description

molly ponzio

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Women In the Culinary Arts

By Kerstin Pallo and Molly Ponzio Women in the Culinary Arts Statistics 45% of people working in the culinary industry are women, yet they hold less than 10% of the top positions.
-Anne Cooper, A Woman's Place Is in the Kitchen: The Evolution of Women Chefs

The Culinary Institute of America was founded in 1946 and began admitting women in 1970.

CIA facts:
undergraduate enrollment: 2,814
54.1% male
45.9% female “When the opportunity to write about food came my way, I didn’t have any official culinary training. My journalism degree proved that I knew how to write, but my gender was proof enough for my bosses and readers to know I knew how to cook, regardless of if I actually did.”
– Addie Broyles, “Why so many chefs and female food writers?”, The Feminist Kitchen The Majority of Food Writers are Women. "Rough, tough profession" The Nature of the Restaurant Business Julia Child Successful women in the Culinary Industry Response to the Stereotypical "Feminine" Profession Interviews: Graduates of Culinary Institute of America
Steven Pallo ('81)
Stephanie Milani ('12) Cristeta Comerford "After all, during the early years of the women's movement, many women chose professions that allowed them to get away from old stereotypes, and the kitchen-- even the professional kitchen-- was a place a successful woman might choose to avoid."
- Rachel Feit (writer for Austin Chronicle: The Whole Woman- why is the Cooking Industry a Male-dominated sport?) Women Chefs & Restaurateurs Mission statement: The mission of Women Chefs & Restaurateurs is to promote and enhance the education, advancement and connection of women in the culinary industry. Lidia Bastianich Nancy Silverton Stereotypes "all women know how to cook." "women are good cooks because they are women." Physical, emotionally, and psychologically Demanding "Prove yourself." Conclusion
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