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Elana Cook

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of glee

glee was written back in 2005 based on Ian Brennan's personal experience. originally glee was suppose to be a film rather than a t.v series, at first no one really took interest in the idea, but Mike Novick, t.v producer and friend of Ian's, went to the same gym as Ryan Murphy, he gave Ryan the script. Ryan and his colleague Brad Falchuck took interest, and suggested it be a t.v series, they rewrote the script, and fox picked it up within 15 hours it was received. Ryan and Brad became the shows executive producers, Ian became a co- executive producer and nick the producer. Glee is set at McKinley high school, Lima, Ohio, and is filmed at the paramount studio and the Helen Bernstein high school.
where it all began
Finn Hudson
Rachel Berry
Season 1
Season 1 was about the start of the glee club, it was about these kids that come from completely different groups in high school, finding one thing in common, the passion of preforming, they grow to love each other, and they become a family who sticks up for each other no matter what the consequence is. In this season glee is about excepting yourself for who you are, no matter what other people think~Finn Hudson
Season 2
Season 4
Kurt Hummle
Artie Abrams
Mercedes Jones
Rachel is a very driven and ambitious girl. She was raised by her two dads, Leroy and Hiram Berry, and was able to meet her biological mother Shelby Corcoran, the former coach of Vocal Adrenaline in the episode Theatricality. Rachel is very competitive and often shows her "diva" behavior by demanding the spotlight and being the center of attention, due to her dream of performing on Broadway. However, on numerous occasions, Rachel has shown that she is slowly becoming more considerate and supportive towards the other members of New Directions. Rachel is in love with Finn, she has been since the pilot. season 3 in the episode yes/no, Finn proposes to Rachel, she says yes, and in the episode on my way they planned to get married, but in the episode big brother its reveled that they postponed the wedding because Quinn got in to a bad car accident. in the episode goodbye Finn told her he's setting her free, so she could go to new york and follow her dreams witch she couldn't do if she married him. Rachel is now a freshman in NYADA, she finds it struggling to fit in the new arrangements, because her dance teacher is making her stay in new york very unpleasant. in the episode the break up Finn returns but with the on-going drama, Rachel breaks off their relationship "for now" and their relationship was put on hold. In Glease, it seems their relationship has fully dropped after Finn says they shouldn't have contact, but in the episode i do, they make up. in the episode sweet dreams, Rachel's Broadway journey begins when she auditions for the role Fanny Bryce in the musical funny girl and asked to return for callbacks. In Season Five, in the episode Tina in the Sky with Diamonds, we found out that she was selected to play 'Fanny Brice' in Funny Girl. During the episode The Quarterback, she finds out that Finn passed away, Finn's death shocks Rachel and she is heartbroken by the news. in the episode Katy or a gaga she joins Kurt's band.
Rachel is portrayed by actress, singer, and Broadway star Lea Michele.
Brad Falchuk
Ian Brennan
Ryan Murphy
Kurt Hummle
Kurt Hummle was a brave person, he had enough courage to come out and be the first openly gay kid at McKinley high, he had a huge crush on Finn Hudson. Kurt was a member of the cheerios, new directions, the titans, and the warblers. Kurt transferred to Dalton Academy for his own safety after the bulling of David Korafsky goes too far, after his dad and Finn's mum get married .Kurt joins the warblers, and meets Blaine, another member of the warblers, who he also has a crush on and ends up dating later in the season. Kurt's returns to McKinley later after the threat of bulling has lessens in the episode born this way. in season 3 he try's to get into the preforming arts school, NYADA, he does not get excepted. in season 4 he goes to new york and moves in with Rachel, he also gets a job at vogue. In the episode the swan song, Kurt gets excepted in to NYADA.Kurt was in a relationship with Blaine starting in Season Two, but they broke up during the events of The Break-Up. Kurt and Blaine agreed to date again in the start of the episode Love Love Love and later get engaged, Kurt currently works at a diner with Rachel, Santana, and a new girl Dani. Kurt is also a member of his own band, a long side Rachel, Santana, Dani and this new guy Elliot.
He is portrayed by two-time Emmy nominee and Golden Globe winner, writer, author, singer, and actor Chris Colfer.
in this season it's split between two sides, the new york side, with Rachel, Santana and Kurt, and the Lima side with everyone else. This season we see how every one is after graduation, where they are and whats in store for them. we get introduced to 6 new characters, Marley, Kitty, Jake, Ryder, Brody, and unique
Tina Cohen-Chang
Noah "puck" puckerman
Quinn Fabray
Sue Sylvester
Will Shuester
Sam Evans
Blaine Anderson
Mike Chang
Season 3
in this season the kids were preparing their futures, preparing to say good bye. they competed in the show choir competitions and made it all the way to nationals, they sung and danced their heart out, this was their year to get it right, so after 3 years of being bullied, tossed in dumpsters, had slushy's thrown at them, being called losers with stupid dreams, after 3 years of being the under dogs, they came back and they graduated champions.
Season 5
season 5 is still going, we see how Rachel is doing on Broadway, how Kurt is with his band, and there's also the seniors graduating, we also get to see how everyone is dealing with the death of an important member of their family.
Artie is currently a senior at William McKinley High School, where he still in glee club. It was revealed in the episode Wheels, that he had got in a car accident with his mother when he was eight years old, which ended in him being in a wheelchair. Although he is in a wheelchair, Artie refuses to let that get in the way of his ambitions such as in the episode Britney/Brittany when Artie joins the football team. In the episode Dream On, it is revealed that Artie dreams of being a dancer, despite being paraplegic and hopes to find a cure for his disability, later in season 3 Artie discovers he has a passion for directing. in season 5 after he graduates he is going to new york to attend film school.
He is portrayed by actor and singer Kevin McHale.
Mercedes is alumnus of William McKinley High School, where she actively participated in the school's main glee club the New Directions and The God Squad. She was also the leader of the school's second glee club, The Troubletones, run by Shelby Corcoran.
At the end of Season Three, we find out what mercedes is doing after she graduates. She accepted a recording contract on an indie label and therefore moved to Los Angeles, where she also attends classes at UCLA. In the past, she has also spent time as a member of the Cheerios, which she joined alongside her then-best friend Kurt Hummel. Mercedes considers herself a diva at heart, and she is contented with being labeled as such. At the beginning of the series, Mercedes develops a close friendship with Kurt, being the first person that he comes out to about his sexuality.
Mercedes was the first person to audition for glee club in season 1.
She is portrayed by actress and singer Amber Riley.
At the beginning of Season One, she pretended to have a stutter, which she claims to have started when she was younger, to push people away due to her shyness. Now, she appears to get along with most of the other members in the Glee Club. In Season Two, her character seems to become more confident and outgoing, as well as in Seasons Three, Four and Five. In Season Four, she develops a feisty, sassy personality, and is later named the winner of 'Diva Week' in the episode Diva. She wins Prom Queen in the episode Tina in the Sky with Diamonds.
Tina Cohen-Chang is portrayed by actress, singer, and author, Jenna Ushkowitz.
Mike was a recurring character in Season One and Two,mike was a dancing character because he couldn't sing in season 1 and 2 but in season 3 he learns how to sing. Mike was made a regular for Season Three and Season Four and made as a recurring character again in Season Five. Mike is currently attending the Joffrey Ballet Academy of Dance in Chicago, but returns to McKinley at times to be the dance coach for the New Directions.

He is portrayed by actor, singer, and professional dancer Harry Shum Jr.
Quinn was captain of the cheerios, president of celibacy club. she got pregnant in season 1 by puck, but at the time she was dating Finn and said the baby was Finn's and not pucks because she thinks pucks a Lima loser and wants nothing to with him.she gives up her baby to Rachel's biological mother in season 1, but tries to get her back from Shelby in season 3 by trying to sabotage her and make look like a bad mother, but comes to senses and stops with the help of Rachel. She finally gets her life together and we find out she will be attending Yale.
She is portrayed by actress Dianna Agron.
sue Sylvester is the new directions enemy. Sue has been trying to destroy the glee club since day one and will stop at nothing until she get rid of the club for good. sue was a former captain of the cheerios, she led her cheer leading squad to a lot of national champion ships. in season 3 she helped the glee club win a nationals champion ship, witch was odd, since she says she hates them, then next season she trys to bring them down again. sue is currently the principle of McKinley high, after principle Figgens got fired.
She is portrayed by actress Jane Lynch.
Other characters
Will Shuester is the one who started glee club, he's the one who would always fight for the club and what was fair. after sandy is fired, will asks figgens if he could take over glee club, figgens says yes, then will set out to make this club big again, he wanted it to be like what it was when he was in glee club, fun. Will still works as the new directions teacher.
He is portrayed by actor and musician, Matthew Morrison.
Sam was introduced in season 2, when Finn heard him sing, then Finn got him to join glee club. Sam is really good at doing impressions, he does them a lot through out the seasons. Sam's family also struggles near the end of season two, where his dad lost his job and the family basically became homeless. in season 3 we Finn and Rachel want Sam to come back to McKinley, so they go and find him and, find he's working as a dancer, his stage name is 'white chocolate', he comes back and joins them to win nationals. Sam is currently a senior at McKinley high school, and is planning to move to new york become a male model after he graduates.
Blaine came in season 2 when he helped Kurt out of his bulling situation. Blaine went to Dalton academy, and was apart of the warblers. in season 3 he transferred to McKinley so he could be with Kurt. in season 4 he became one of the leads. Blaine is engaged to Kurt, Blaine is planning to move to new york and go to NYADA after he graduates.
Wade 'unique'
In season 1, Puck was McKinley's 'bad boy', he was on the football team, he tosses kids in dumpsters, he scares people, he was Finn's best friend, and he got Quinn fabray pregnant.when puck joined glee club he was a jerk, but as time went by, he became what he calls 'a real man', puck is currently in the air force army, in order to honor his late best friend, Finn Hudson.
He is portrayed by actor and singer-songwriter Mark Salling.
in this season, glee deals with alot of social issues like, students and faculty deal with sex, relationships, religion, homophobia, bullying, rumors, teenage drinking, and death. glee tackles these issues and and sends a message to the viewer.
coach Roz
Finn is the former leader of the show, he was co- captain of the glee club, and he was the quarterback of the McKinley high Football team, the titans. Finn risked alienation from the football team after he joined glee club, he dated cheerleader Quinn fabray until he found out she cheated on him with his best friend puck, and lied about Finn being the father of her baby. Finn's mum Carole married Kurt's dad Burt, making him and Kurt step-brothers. Finn was engaged to Rachel berry until he he let her go to new york without him to follow her dreams because he didn't want to hold her back, while he joined the army for a few months, but got let go because he accidentally shot himself in the leg.Finn comes back to McKinley high to be a substitute teacher for the glee club while Mr Shue is in Washington. When Mr Shue returned they became co-directors until the episode feud when Mr Shue found out that Finn kissed his fiance Emma. With the encouragement of Marley, Finn left McKinley to get a teaching degree at the university of Lima, but late he decides to help Mr shue again at McKinley. Since the actor who played Finn passed away, Finn died in season 5, the quarterback, witch was a tribute to the actor.
Finn Hudson was portrayed by the late actor, singer, and drummer, Cory Monteith.
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