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Embodied Knowing and Nonverbal Communication

No description

Jesse Johnson

on 21 June 2011

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Transcript of Embodied Knowing and Nonverbal Communication

What may be true to us, may not be true to others? This means what we know as truth is partial and incomplete Do you know what is true? Body Epistemology The study of how we come to learn and know within our flesh- our nerons, muscles, bones, and other tissues It ask us to ponder not just
what we believe to be true,
but how we know it's true Embodied Learning Using our bodies to help us learn something using nonverbal communication to communicate Body Identity Others may "read" our bodies and our actions in order to determine who we are. we perform our bodies through repeated actions, training the voice, gesture, and gait of our body, as well as through manipulation of the body through tattoos, shaving, and piercings. Body Language:
COmmunicating There are different ways of communicating Chronemics the study of how time functions as part of communication Haptics The study of the significance of touch Proxemics the study of how people use space to communicate Artifacts People using jewelery, clothing, personal belongings, money, buildings, or landscapes to express themselves Paralinguistics Qualities used while speaking such as tone, pitch, or rate Kinesics This study addresses our gestures, movemoents, and facial expressions Your body and the awareness of the body as a site of communication has much to teach you about the experience of communicating. Listen to your body
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