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Sly Cooper 1

No description

Keaton Wheatley

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Sly Cooper 1

Sly Cooper
By Keaton Wheatley
Sly's beginning
When sly was a little kid his parents were killed be a monstrous, mechanical owl named Clockwerk. Clockwerk has been around for as long as the Cooper family have been alive. After the murder he stole pages from the Thievius Raccoonus, which is a book that was passed down from generation to generation in the cooper family. Later after the murder sly went on to an orphanage where he met his best, life long friends, Bentley and Murray.
The Fiendish Five
The Murder of Sly's parent had four people, other then Clockwerk. The first was Raleigh the frog, Muggshot, Miss Ruby, and The Panda King. Each person took a major part of the book.
Raleigh the frog
Miss Ruby
The Panda King
The Cooper Gang
Sly Cooper's best friends are Murray and Bentley. These guys are more then best friends though they are also like family. In this group everyone has a specialty. Sly is the master thief, Bentley is the brains, and Murray is the brawn.
sly cooper
Carmelita Montoya Fox
Carmelita Fox is the only police officer that is able to catch Sly and his gang. She has chased after sly since his first crime. Even though she is always trying to catch sly it is quite obvious that they had a love relationship.
Boss Papers
Every time that you defeat a boss you get a very important page of the thievius raccoonus, with information about one of your ancestor and a new move. The first page is about Rioichi cooper ( the sneakiest ninja ever) and his ninja spiral jump. The second page is about Tennessee Kid Cooper (the wildest outlaw in the west) and his rail-walk and rail-slide. The third page was about Slytunkhamen Cooper (a very sneaky egyptian) and his shadow technique. the forth and final page is about Otto Van. Cooper (a vehicle expert) and his way to upgrade you van.
Rioichi Cooper
Kid Cooper
Slytunkhamen Cooper
Otto Van. Cooper
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