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neyagawa is myhometown

kana's presentation for lay's class

kana shimizu

on 28 January 2010

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Transcript of neyagawa is myhometown

neyagawa is myhometown

special product mascot sweet
potate hatikadukihime perilla culture nayagawa 8scenery

It was dicisioned by the citizens vote.One in that is yodoriver(1).
It is the most suppoerted by the citizen.Secondarily,neyagawa park(2).
It is mixed nature and artifitial structure.Others,uzumasa high tomb old tomb.Fourthly(3), Tomorogi green space(4),camphor tree at the kayashima station(5),Narina temple(6).
This temple is very famous for Osaka.It is known as traffic safety'God.Next,Neyagawa ebisu(7).
It is held for business prosperity.In addition Hachikazukinosato(8).

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 There are Neyagawa's special product.
One of the special product is sweet potato.
therefore,it holds potato digging for tourist.
Besides,there is commodity that used sweet potato.
Next,Green perilla.This seed is very secretry.
Therefore perilla's seed is valuable.

This is Neyagawa's mascot character "Hatikazukihime"
This is born from folk tale.The folk tale is "Otogizoushi"
Otogizoushi have other story.For example,"Urashima taro"and
After that,this design takes city's tree,cherry blossoms and city's
And more,This character good's is selled at the city office.

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